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December 13, 2022

Greetings to all our Nanzan University alumni. My name is Junko Fujimoto, and I teach Japanese at the Center for Japanese Studies (CJS). CJS is currently running two Programs. One is the Intensive Japanese Program (IJP) , catering for students who wish to concentrate on learning Japanese, and the other is the Modern Japan Program (MJP) , for students who want to study basic Japanese while engaging in a research project in English with local Nanzan University students. I am in charge of the Japanese language course in the latter, the MJP.

There are many people among our alumni who are doing well in the fields of Japanese language education, Japan-related research or international education. I occasionally meet such alumni through our CJS partner schools including our eight NU-COIL partner universities in the United States, or through my teaching activities or at academic conferences. I always really enjoy meeting our alumni through my various CJS activities.

In the 2022 Fall Semester, after a gap of two and a half years, many (approximately 150) CJS students joined us on campus. While students are required to wear masks in order to counter the spread of Covid-19, in-person classes are being held. In the Japan Plaza and the Multi-cultural Exchange Lounge "Stella" local Nanzan students and international students enjoy meeting to interact in Japanese or other languages while being careful to avoid close contact with others. The Language Buddy system, which started under the restrictions imposed due to Covid, is now operating face-to-face, so it is common to see people engaged in enjoyable conversation all over campus.

While CJS students are occupied during the week with their course work, during the weekend they are busy with various other activities. In particular, from October on there are numerous events such as the Asuke Festival (group led by Professor Robert Croker), the Nagoya Festival and the field trip to Inuyama Castle. Many CJS students also enjoy going on their own trips to cities such as Kyoto, Nara and Tokyo.

This is possible only due to the efforts of students who applied themselves to online classes despite the time differences involved. In particular, the 2020 Spring Semester CJS students had their regular classes discontinued in March and had no choice but to return to their own countries and take online classes. Thinking of the difficulties they had, I am truly grateful to those students who worked so hard despite not being able to engage in actual study abroad.

One other thing that I would like to report is that the Janssen International Residence (JIR) opened in April 2022. At the moment there are about 70 local Nanzan students and 70 CJS students living in the JIR. A feature of this dormitory is the students' participation in the educational program called the "Skill Development Program for Diversity and Inclusion." Operation of the dormitory is student-driven. Since it was opened, the JIR student leaders and residents have always looked forward to welcoming in new CJS students and have created the foundation of the dormitory's operations. Now, groups of 8-10 students sharing a kitchen work hard in a multi-lingual and multi-cultural environment, creating rules and allocating roles so they can all co-exist in the same living environment. As can be expected in an international dormitory, the occasional little accident does occur, but the students collaborate to resolve problems among themselves, learning from that process and hopefully growing as individuals.

The CJS activities and events mentioned above are covered on Instagram at @nanzan_intl #nanzan_cjs. Please do take a look when you have time!

There is only about half a month left in 2022. I wonder how the year 2022 was for you? What sort of year do you want 2023 to be? Please do not hesitate to let us know if there is any news that you would like to let us know about yourself, and if you have the chance, please visit us on campus and tell us what you have been doing recently. The CJS teaching staff always look forward to hearing from former students.

I hope you all continue to do well and stay happy. Wishing you a Happy New Year for 2023.

Junko Fujimoto
Special Appointed Instructor, Center for International Affiars
CJS Modern Japan Program Language Coordinator
Resident Advisor of Jannsen International Residence

南山大学Alumniのみなさま、こんにちは。外国人留学生別科Center for Japanese Studies(CJS) の藤本純子です。CJSでは現在、日本語を集中的に学びたい学生を対象にしたIntensive Japanese Program (IJP)と基礎的な日本語を勉強しながら日本社会について南山生とともに英語でリサーチプロジェクトに取り組むことができるModern Japan Program (MJP) の二つのプログラムを展開しています。私は後者MJPの日本語コースを担当しています。


さて、2022年秋学期、2年半ぶりにCJS生がたくさん(約150名)キャンパスにやってきました!マスク着用などコロナ対策を講じながらではありますが、対面授業ができるようになりました。ジャパンプラザや多文化交流ラウンジStellaでも、南山生と留学生が密にならないよう気をつけながら楽しく日本語でまたは多言語で交流する姿が見られます。また、コロナ禍に始まったオンライン"Language Buddy"も今では対面による交流となり、キャンパスのあちらこちらでおしゃべりをしている姿が見られます。



もう一つは、2022年4月に開寮したヤンセン国際寮(JIR) についてのご報告です。現在、JIRには南山生とCJS生がそれぞれ約70名ずつ入居しています。JIRの特徴はダイバーシティ&インクルージョン実践力を育む教育プログラムへの参加と学生主体の宿舎運営にあります。開寮以降、JIR学生リーダーや入居者学生たちはCJS生を迎え入れることを心から楽しみにして宿舎運営の基礎作りをしてくれました。そして今、キッチンを共用する8~10人のグループごとに、多言語・多文化の環境で工夫しながら生活環境維持のためのルール作りや役割分担をして生活しています。国際寮ならではのちょっとしたアクシデントはありますが、学生同士協力して問題を解決し、そのプロセスから学びを得て、個の成長につなげていってほしいと願っています。

以上紹介したCJSの活動やイベント、CJS生と南山生との交流の様子を国際センター公式Instagram @nanzan_intl#nanzan_cjsで紹介しています。お時間のある時にご覧ください。



CJS Modern Japan Program 日本語コース担当
藤本 純子

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