Center for International Affairs

The Center's Objectives and Activities

The Center for International Affairs at Nanzan University was established in April 2017 in order to increase international education and research at Nanzan, fostering students’ ability to compete as needed in a global society (through foreign language, cross cultural understanding, and international information communication skills) and becoming a university that contributes locally, nationally and internationally. The projects administered by the Center are as follows:

  1. Projects related to strategic initiatives to promote internationalization of Nanzan
  2. Projects related to the development of new partnerships and programs
  3. Projects related to international academic exchange for Nanzan faculty
  4. Projects related to our student exchanges and delegations
  5. Projects related to exchange between foreign exchange students and Japanese students
  6. Projects related to support for acceptance of foreign exchange students
  7. All other projects considered necessary for the Center to achieve its goals

Organizational Structure of the Center

  • Director of the Center
  • Deputy Director for Study Abroad
  • Deputy Director for International Student Affairs
  • Deputy Director for International Admission and Academic Affairs