Why Nanzan University?

1. Excellence in Education

Nanzan University offers 8 Faculties and 18 Departments, 6 Graduate Schools and 14 Programs, as well as Center for Japanese Studies. Small-size Classes enable students to be active in class and easy to get attention and valuable advice from professors. The Center for Japanese Studies is renowned as a leader in the field of Japanese language education for more than 45 years.


Center for Japanese Studies

2. Respecting Diversity

Nanzan University has approximately 10,000 students, including over 300 international students. We continue to explore internationalization that is congruent with our educational motto “For Human Dignity.”

Facts and Figures

3. Affordable Campus Life

International students of undergraduate and graduate programs are eligible for 50 % tuition fee exemption. A variety of scholarships are also available for students, which will lessen the burden the school life expenses.

Tuition and Fees

4. Excellent Global Partners

Nanzan University has over 100 partner institutions from more than 30 countries. We have a variety of exchange programs between these institutions.

Partner Institutions

5. Located in the Heart of Japan

Nagoya City in Aichi Prefecture is in the center of Japan, a convenient location from which to visit many other places. It has often played an important role in Japan’s history and some remarkable traditions and customs are still alive today. At the same time, there are many spots in Aichi where you can experience modern Japanese culture, making it possible to witness two cultures from different time eras. The region is also the hub of Japanese manufacturing industries.

Nanzan Campus and Region

6. Strong Career Support

The percentage of Nanzan University graduates who have found work is relatively high. The University supports international students who want to get jobs in Japan by providing information on jobs and internships.

Career Support and Career Path