Organizational Chart

Graduate Programs
Graduate School of Humanities
  • Graduate Program in Christian Thought
  • Graduate Program in Religious Thought
  • Graduate Program in Anthropology
  • Graduate Program in Educational Facilitation
  • Graduate Program in Linguistic Science
Graduate School of International Area Studies
  • Graduate Program in International Area Studies
Graduate School of Social Sciences
  • Graduate Program in Economics
  • Graduate Program in Management
  • Graduate Program in Policy Studies
Graduate School of Law
  • Graduate Program in Law
Graduate School of Sciences and Engineering
  • Graduate Program of Systems and Mathematical Sciences

    *Graduate Program of Systems and Mathematical Sciences (Master's Course) will stop recruiting students from April 2023.

  • Graduate Program of Software Engineering
  • Graduate Program of Mechatronics
  • Graduate Program of Data Science

    *Graduate Program of Data Science (Master's Course) will be established in April 2023.

Nanzan School of Law
  • Graduate Program in Legal Practice
Undergraduate Programs
Faculty of Humanities
  • Department of Christian Studies
  • Department of Anthropology and Philosophy
  • Department of Psychology and Human Relations
  • Department of Japanese Studies
Faculty of Foreign Studies
  • Department of British and American Studies
  • Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies
  • Department of French Studies
  • Department of German Studies
  • Department of Asian Studies
Faculty of Economics
  • Department of Economics
Faculty of Business Administration
  • Department of Business Administration
Faculty of Law
  • Department of Law
Faculty of Policy Studies
  • Department of Policy Studies
Faculty of Science and Technology
  • Department of Software Engineering
  • Department of Data Science
  • Department of Electronics and Communication Technology
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering and System Control
Faculty of Global Liberal Studies
  • Department of Global Liberal Studies
Foreign Language Education Center
Center for Teacher Education
Physical Education Center
Center for International Affairs
  • Center for Japanese Studies
Center for Information and Communication Technology
  • Center for Audio-Visual Education
Health Center
Nanzan Extension College
  • Anthropological Institute
  • Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture
  • Institute for Social Ethics
Area Studies Centers
  • Center for American Studies
  • Center for Latin American Studies
  • Center for European Studies
  • Center for Asia-Pacific Studies
Research Centers
  • Center for the Study of Human Relations
  • Center for Linguistics
  • Center for Management Studies
  • Center for Science and Engineering
  • Center for Legal Practice-Education and Research
Nanzan University Museum of Anthropology
University Library
Christian Center
University Compliance Office
Institutional Research Promotion Office