Center for Japanese Studies (CJS)

Since 1974, over 10,000 exchange students from around the world have chosen Nanzan University’s Center for Japanese Studies as their study abroad destination, to foster their Japanese language skills and deepen their knowledge and understanding of Japanese culture.

With one- and two-month summer programs and one- and two-semester Fall and Spring programs, students can design a study abroad program to suit their study abroad schedule and academic major and interests. From the 2021 Fall Semester, students can choose to enroll in either our internationally renowned Intensive Japanese Program or our fascinating new content-focused Modern Japan Program. With small class sizes and highly experienced instructors working hard to provide individualized and personal attention, students will be amazed at how much they can learn – and how interesting it will be!

We look forward to giving students a warm welcome at the Center for Japanese Studies, and helping make their study abroad experience enjoyable, productive, and memorable!

CJS Brochure 2024-2025

In 2024, the CJS celebrates the 50th year of its establishment. Click here to see the 50th anniversary website.