CJS Summer Japanese Program

Experience an exotic summer in Japan – Obon folk dancing, fireworks, mountain hikes, and summer festivals!
All the quality and rigour of our renowned Intensive Japanese Program are distilled into our popular summer intensive program.
Accommodating up to 70 students and with 8-week intensive Japanese program, students can dramatically develop their Japanese skills. While learning Japanese at classes, all Summer Program students can join our fieldtrips that take them outside the classroom to explore central Japan.

2023 Summer Program Academic Policies, Registration Procedures, & Course Descriptions

Course Information

Course A
8weeks of intensive Japanese

Over eight weeks in June and July, Course A provides eight intensive language classes a week.
Six levels of classes are offered, from beginner to pre-advanced. You can also choose to take Japanese Seminar, Open, Japan Studies and Japanese Arts classes. Note that you are expected to know both hiragana and katakana to join the lowest-level language class, Summer Japanese I.

Course Schedule

2024 Summer Program
Course A Arrival Dates May 30-31, 2024
Course A Orientation June 3-4, 2024
Course A Classes begin June 5, 2024
Summer Program ends July 31, 2024

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