Intensive Japanese Program (IJP)

Great communicators go far. In the Intensive Japanese Program, students can unlock the door to an exciting future as a translator/interpreter, global educator or researcher, international businessperson or diplomat by building the skills and confidence that harness their fluency and knowledge of Japanese language and culture. From elementary to advanced, our many levels of Japanese language classes will help students develop all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Students who are strongly motivated to learn Japanese will find our world-famous Intensive Japanese Program the place for them to significantly develop their Japanese language and learning skills.

IJP Student Voices

What makes the Intensive Japanese Program special?

Stimulating Japanese classes

Intensive Japanese language classes matched to students’ proficiency level are offered four mornings a week to quickly improve their Japanese language skills. Students can also take content- and skills-based Japanese seminar courses to fit their personal and academic interests.

Close, daily support

Learning a language can be a tough journey. Our small class sizes give students lots of opportunities to interact in Japanese, and our Japanese instructors work closely with students during and after class to give them individual feedback to support and encourage their language development.

Practice, practice, practice

Students can communicate in Japanese with many Japanese speakers. They can live with a Japanese family, chat with local students in their Japanese language and seminar classes, join regular field trips, and at our language support center, the Japan Plaza, review their classwork and receive help from TAs.

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