IJP: Academic Guidelines

Credit Load

IJP full-time students are required to register for a minimum load of 14 credits and a maximum load of 18 credits per semester.


Grading at the Center is based on a letter-code system (A+, A, B, C, F), and course evaluation takes place at the end of each semester. Students may also choose a Pass/Fail option for selected courses.

During the latter half of each semester, students are able to change the status of their registration for courses from grade status to pass/fail status by submitting the appropriate form to the CJS office.

However, any course for which the pass/fail option is not specifically declared in writing as being available is subject to evaluation on a grade basis only.

Transfer of Credits

Policy regarding transfer of credits differs from institution to institution. Therefore, it is the responsibility of students to check with their home institutions as to whether credits awarded by the Center may be counted toward their degree program requirements.

Auditing of Classes

Full-time students are permitted to register for one course on an auditing (non-credit) basis in addition to their regular course load. Students taking a course on this basis are required to prepare for and actively participate in class, but do not need to submit papers or take examinations.

Registration Changes

For the first two weeks of each semester, students are free to add and drop courses without the authorization of their academic advisor. At the end of these two weeks, students are required to submit a final registration form to finalize their enrolment for courses in that semester.

Enrollment Extension

Students wishing to continue their studies for another semester must apply for an enrollment extension. Exchange and sponsored students must obtain permission to continue studying in the program from their home university, sponsoring institution, or scholarship agency. Permission is granted subject to students having a superior record of academic achievement.

Permitted self-financed students are required to make advance payments covering tuition and housing fees on a semester basis. Similarly, permitted exchange and sponsored students are required to pay housing fees immediately after the enrollment extension announcement notice.

The maximum period students can enroll in the CJS IJP is two years (equivalent to four semesters), and in the CJS MJP is one year (equivalent to two semesters).

Bekka Suisen: Entry to regular undergraduate and graduate programs by recommendation

Upon receiving the recommendation of the Director of the Center for International Affairs, students with a certain level of Japanese proficiency who maintain a high standard of academic excellence at CJS may be eligible to receive preferential treatment for entrance to Nanzan University's undergraduate or graduate programs. Applicable only to IJP.