Modern Japan Program(MJP)

In the Modern Japan Program (MJP), students can develop a deep understanding of Japan in an English-medium program. The main goal of this program is to help students develop their understanding of contemporary and historic Japan through intensive study in at least one of six fields – Japanese society and history, politics and international relations, business and economics, language and linguistics, literature, and arts and culture – taught by experienced, specialist faculty. At the same time, students can foster their elementary Japanese language skills in daily language classes and an appreciation of traditional Japan in elective practical art courses, all brought together through regular Wednesday and weekend events and field trips.

The Modern Japan Program provides a semester or year abroad rich with new insights and exciting experiences. Please join us!

MJP Student Voices

What makes the Modern Japan Program special?

Understand Japan

Our experienced, specialist faculty guide you to explore and deepen your understanding of the leading debates and theories in fields central to Japan studies through carefully designed discussion and lecture courses, all taught in English.

Encounter Japan

With local students, go outside the classroom and see the real Japan, talking with local Japanese people and exploring their lives and ways of looking at the world through mini-fieldwork projects, activating your knowledge from your discussion and lecture courses.

Experience Japan

Mix with local people while immersing yourself in Japanese culture, staying with Japanese homestays families or local students in international dormitories, and enjoying the many colorful festivals, rich history and vibrant culture of central Japan on our regular fieldtrips.

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