MJP: Course Offerings

In the Modern Japan Program (MJP), students can enjoy a range of courses to match their academic major and interests and really make the most of their study abroad experience at Nanzan!

2023 Fall Academic Policies, Registration Procedures, & Course Descriptions

2023 Spring Academic Policies, Registration Procedures, & Course Descriptions

Modern Japan Courses

The advantage of study abroad is that students can easily see the ‘real’ Japan. In the Modern Japan Courses, MJP students step outside the classroom and into the world of contemporary Japan to meet local people and explore their worlds by doing collaborative fieldwork projects with Nanzan students, investigating local communities and the many unique activities of their residents.

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Japan Studies Courses

In the Japan Studies Courses, students can explore Japan’s fascinating history and deep culture. Discussion and lecture courses are divided into six fields – business and economics, politics and international relations, society and history, language and linguistics, literature, and arts and culture – and students can choose the courses that best match their academic and personal interests. All Japan Studies Courses are taught in English by senior specialist faculty.

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Japanese Language Courses

The MJP Japanese Language Courses are offered in three levels in the Fall Semester and four levels in the Spring Semester. Suitable for complete novices or beginner-level students, Japanese language classes are offered four days a week. Class sizes are small (maximum of 15 students), so students can interact easily with other CJS students and volunteer Japanese students. Students develop all four skills in our integrated skills program, and are closely supported and supervised by our highly experienced Japanese language instructors.

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Japanese Seminar Courses

Students can broaden their Japanese language learning in our content- and skills-based Japanese Seminar Courses! Matched to students’ proficiency level, these elective courses offer opportunities to creatively use Japanese in practical ways, such as by visiting a local market to interview traditional craftspeople, giving presentations in Japanese, and developing elementary translation skills. These are motivating, fun and practical classes to help improve students’ Japanese.

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Open Courses

Open Courses give students the opportunity to sit next to local students in regular undergraduate Japanese university classes – sharing ideas in discussion groups, working together on assignments and research projects, and preparing and giving presentations together. There’s no better way to experience Japanese university life, mix with local students and make life-long friends.

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Japanese Arts Courses

In our popular Japanese Arts Courses, students can make their learning journey memorable by exploring Japan’s rich aesthetic culture: manga cartoon drawing, woodblock printing, calligraphy, tea ceremony, traditional dance, flower arrangement, and traditional martial arts. Steeping themselves in centuries’ old traditions, students can discover the history and beauty of Japanese art forms, and relax and discover their creative side!

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