MJP: Daily Schedule

MJP Model Time Schedule (Fall Semester)

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
AM 1 Exploring Japan Fundamental Japanese Super Wednesday
(Field Trips, Events, etc.)
Exploring Japan Fundamental Japanese
2 Fundamental Japanese Fundamental Japanese
PM 3 Japan Studies Japanese Arts Japan Studies

What would a student’s day at Nanzan University be like in the Modern Japan Program?

Wake up in our brand-new dormitory, grab a coffee, and walk through our leafy campus into our bright airy classrooms. Or slip out of bed at your homestay family’s home, enjoy a traditional Japanese breakfast, and zip to school on Nagoya’s efficient subway system, and wander up to our modern, design-winning campus.

Jump straight into Japanese in your language classes, with four 100-minute classes in the mornings a week – and an interesting on-campus event or fieldtrip each Wednesday. With a maximum of 15 students in each class, you will have lots of interaction, and individual care and attention from our highly experienced Japanese instructors.

Then, in the Modern Japan Course, go outside the classroom with local students and see the real Japan, talking with Japanese people and exploring their lives and ways of looking at the world through mini-fieldwork projects.

You have a range of options for lunch. You can sit down and enjoy a leisurely lunch at one of our six cafeterias, pick up freshly prepared traditional lunchboxes (bento) from stalls scattered throughout campus, enjoy yummy freshly baked bread at our bakery, recharge with a coffee from one of our coffee shops, or choose a sandwich from an on-campus convenience store and sit on the grass in the main campus square under cherry blossom trees or pop into Stella and catch up with your new friends.

After lunch, the afternoons are yours to plan – and each afternoon could be entirely different. For a change of pace, you could recharge your batteries in our popular Japanese Arts Courses. Pick up a brush to write calligraphy, make your own woodblock hanga print or manga, or explore your inner Zen in Japanese budo martial arts and take a journey deep into Japanese culture.

Focus on improving your Japanese in our many content- and skills-based Japanese Seminar Courses, where you can personalize your Japanese language learning to your own interests and future academic and professional directions.

Leap into Japan’s fascinating history and rich culture with our discussion and lecture Japan Studies Courses. These academically thought-provoking courses are taught in English by highly experienced faculty. You can choose from any of six fields – business and economics, politics and international relations, society and history, language and linguistics, literature, and arts and culture – with at least two courses offered in each field each semester.

If you would like to sit next to local students in regular undergraduate Japanese university classes, take an Open Course, offered in English or Japanese in a number of faculties and across a range of disciplines, to really feel the rhythm of Japanese student life.

Afternoons at Nanzan University offer a wide palette of options for you to design your own study abroad experience. And on Wednesdays and weekends, join our fieldtrips and events and enjoy exploring the rich diversity of central Japan. Every day offers exciting adventures for you at Nanzan University!

Field Trips

‘Super Wednesdays’ and weekends are also an important part of your stay. These are our fieldtrip days – so you can get out of the classroom and explore central Japan. Visit the historic Tokugawa Museum and its beautiful gardens, spend an afternoon watching an entertaining kabuki theatrical performance, live the past at the enormous Nagoya Castle marveling at Tokugawa Period aristocratic life, travel to Japan’s most sacred Ise Grand Shrine set in quiet stands of ancient forests, discover the history of the ceramic industry at the Noritake Museum and visit the kilns in the nearby pottery towns of Seto and Tokoname, go back 150 years to the beginning of Japan’s modern era at Meiji Mura Museum, learn about the history of modern transportation in Japan and its amazing array of trains and bullet trains at Railway Park, visit Nagoya Port and Nagoya Aquarium, experience Japan’s high-tech 21st-century at the Toyota car plant and explore the history of Japan’s car industry at the Toyota Automobile Museum, spend the day at the enormous Nagashima Spa Land Amusement Park, or just enjoy the beautiful changing leaves in the fall and cherry blossoms in the spring on campus or at the nearby Higashiyama Park Botanical Garden – so many interesting places to visit and fascinating things to do!