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Janssen International Residence opens

April 8, 2022

Located right next to campus, Nanzan University’s new dormitory, Janssen International Residence is now open. Accommodating 178 students, it offers an educational program called the “Skill Development Program for Diversity and Inclusion.” Local students and international students with a diverse range of values live together and learn from each other here. This international dormitory was named after the founder of the Society of the Divine Word, St. Arnold Janssen.

Prior to the opening of the dormitory, the facility's grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony was held on March 23. At the ceremony, President Robert Kisala gave a speech saying “I hope that as students experience diversity and respect the human dignity of each person in their everyday life at this residence, they can foster the skills to enable them to work effectively in our globalized society.” Also, Kikyo Ichikawa, the second year student of the Faculty of Law and one of the first Resident Leaders of the dormitory, expressed her aspirations.

Janssen International Residence Official Website