Department of Software Engineering

There is a huge amount of software involved in controlling things such as household appliances, smart phones and automobiles that are essential for us in our everyday lives. Giant strides having been made in the reduction of weight and size on the hardware side, mean that it is the quality of the software that will heighten the performance of the product. With this the case, software development is now an important aspect of product development. Using both a comprehensive and focused approach to studying the basic principles and technology involved, our Department is one of the few of its kind in Japan that considers how software can be further enhanced to match the ever-increasing needs of society.

Features of the Department

In the first and second years of their degree, in addition to acquiring knowledge of mathematical fundamentals and developing skills in programming, students gain knowledge of things such as IT devices and writing text and strive to develop a sense of ethics as an information technologist. From the second half of their second year, on top of building specialist knowledge and skills through the Department’s courses such as “Basic Software Engineering” and “Software Development Methods”, in their sub-major subjects, students also study the theory and practical applications that underpin the technology. From their third year, students are attached to a research room and begin to carry out research on a topic of their choice. In their fourth year, once they have developed more advanced research skills and the ability to generate research outcomes, they engage in a research project as part of the requirements for graduation.