Department of Mechanical Engineering and System Control

In the Department of Mechanical Engineering and System Control, by studying a broad range of subjects, and based on a firm foundation of science, particularly mathematics and physics, our students develop knowledge of the technology and methodology involved in systems engineering and mechanical engineering. They become able to design or further develop mechanical systems for automobiles, aerospace vehicles or robots etc., creating mathematical models that explain the performance of a system or select, design, implement or evaluate appropriate control systems.
In our Department, students study modern control theory and robotics etc. based on the knowledge they develop of system engineering and mechanical engineering. By learning not just about the machine itself, but the design and construction of the entire system, including the computer-related elements, we foster the capacity for technical integration in our students, something that is required by society for monotsukuri, or the “art of making things.”

Features of the Department

In terms of courses within the Department, our students study the fundamentals of system engineering, mechanical engineering and mechanical control programming, which serve as the basis of mechanical system design and development. With this as the foundation, from the third year, they study modern control theory based on state-space representation, robotics dealing with the kinematics and kinetics of manipulators, and such practical technology as the integration of control systems and the actual machine mounting. The students also work on research activities in line with what they commenced in their research room exercises.