Department of Electronics and Communication Technology

In the Department of Electronics and Communication Technology, on top of a solid foundation of mathematics, physics and information science, our students acquire the technical skills and learn the methodology required to use digital communication devices and for the design, administration and operation of information-communication systems. They go out in to the workforce capable of developing safe and user-friendly digital communication devices and information-communication systems.
In their first year, students build a firm foundation of scientific and engineering knowledge by studying mathematics, physics and programming. From the second year through into the third, to enhance their knowledge of electronics and communication technology, the students undertake a broad and systematic study of topics ranging from the operating principles of cutting edge digital devices to the technology behind large scale information systems such as cloud storage. In the students’ fourth year research project for graduation, they evaluate the design, administration and operation of a wide range of devices and systems, acquiring the ability to create new technologies for their further enhancement.

Features of the Department

Students in our Department study the electronics and communication technologies that underpin cutting edge ICT in a well-balanced manner from basic theory to practical applications. From the first year through into the third year, thanks to course content that emphasizes strengthening mathematical understanding and the cognitive skills used in programming, we are able to create the firm base required as an engineer capable of coping with changing times. From the third year through into the fourth, under meticulous research guidance, the students develop technological creativity by applying their own ideas to cutting edge research.