Department of Policy Studies

The problems facing contemporary society today are complex and multi-faceted. Increasingly, an interdisciplinary approach is required to deal with such problems as global environmental issues, regional issues facing developing Asian economies, administrative issues for Japan at the national and local level, corporate management strategy, and the stimulation of local commerce. The Department of Policy Studies takes a broad approach to such complex problems and aims to cultivate in its students the ability to conceive and devise policies that are solution-oriented. As well as its focus on the broader application of social science theory in devising rational policy, the Department also incorporates Civilization Theory as a core element of its curriculum. This approach is based on the understanding that in order to solve the respective problems of individual countries and regions, it is necessary to appreciate the cultural background in terms of the historical, religious, and social factors present. In this way, we seek a balance in our analysis between the universal and the particular.

Features of the Department

  • Emphasis on the Asian region and its relationship with Japan, as well as its social problems.
  • The divergent forms of civilization around the world are studied in order to develop the ability to understand other cultures.
  • The curriculum not only covers a broad range of courses from the social sciences, but also includes courses on the environment.
  • Language studies, involving the study of English plus a second language (French, Spanish, German, Korean, or Chinese), and computer studies are included in the curriculum for the first two years, and these are studied intensively to give all students a grasp of the basics.
  • The faculty has a special curriculum for international students, matching their initial Japanese proficiency level. Even for students beginning with no Japanese language proficiency, graduation is possible in four years.
  • Nanzan’s Asia Program provides students with the opportunity to experience first-hand the languages and lifestyle of Asian countries.

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