Physical Education Center

What is the Physical Education Center?

It is an organization that seeks to foster the maintenance and enhancement of students’ physical capabilities and ongoing health and well-being through the delivery of Physical Education and Sports courses among the General Education courses. The Center was set up independent of the faculties to ensure the smooth and effective operation of physical education and sports related courses.

Outline of Physical Education and Sports related courses

First year Second to fourth year
Practical courses Required courses Basic Physical Educational (A)
Basic Physical Educational (B)
Elective courses - Sport in Practice
  • Sport for Lifelong Enjoyment
  • Individual Sport
  • Team Sports
  • Sport for Health
  • Fitness
  • Outdoor Sports
Fundamental & Interdisciplinary Courses (Lectures/Seminars) Elective courses Sports Science
Health Science
Seminar in Sports Science (A)
Seminar in Sports Science (B)

For details of each course please refer to its syllabus.

Syllabus webpage

Aim of Physical Education and Sport-related Courses

(1) Maintenance and enhancement of physical capabilities

In the context of modernday society, it is extremely important for us to maintain and promote health as the foundation of all aspects of life. These days, it is not unusual for young people to feel their physical stamina diminishing due to long periods of inactivity caused by study for entrance examinations. In this respect, one of our educational goals is, through our Physical Education and Sports courses, to offer students an opportunity to recover and enhance their physical capabilities during their time with us before they go out into the workforce.

(2) Making exercise a lifelong habit

Bodily functions slowly diminish with age, but continuing an appropriate level of physical exercise provides physiological stimulus to our muscles and respiratory system, which helps to maintain and promote bodily functions. It is also important for all of us to have a sport that we can continue to engage in over a long period of time. One of the educational goals of the Basic Physical Educational A & B courses (required) is that by experiencing a number of different sporting codes, students may be able to find a sport that they will be able to participate in on an ongoing basis.

(3) Developing knowledge and the ability to think with regard to physical education and sport

At the Physical Education Center, in addition to our practical courses, we also offer lecture-based and seminar courses. In these courses, we seek to create an understanding of the mechanism of exercise, maintaining health through sports, and the role that sport has to play in contributing to society.

Initiatives and Aspects of the Physical Environment that enhance learning

(1) Team-teaching

Basic Physical Education A & B will focus on different sports when the classes are held twice a week. A team-teaching system is used in which the instructor-in-charge changes for each sport being taught. This enhances the effectiveness of the learning by allowing specialist instructors to be in charge of each sporting code.

(2) Facilities for sport

Nanzan University has a full range of sports facilities, with an appropriate environment for each specific sporting code offered.


West Tennis Court

Athletic Field (Artificial Turf)

Indoor Pool (Sports Arena 3F)

Main Arena (Sports Arena 1F)

Training Room (Sports Arena 1F)

Multipurpose Hall (Sports Arena B2)

Table Tennis Room (Sports Arena B2)

Kendo Room (Sports Arena B2)

(3) Faculty Development Activities

The Physical Education Center strives to enhance the capabilities of our teaching staff through their participation in various training sessions and research gatherings related to physical education such as those held by the Japanese Association of University Physical Education and Sports.

Connections to On-Campus Organizations and Events

In cooperation with the SSR (Sports Service Room), which supports the sports element of students’ extracurricular activities, the Physical Education Center strives to facilitate and enhance the environment for sport within the University. Physical Education Center Staff serve as officials during the annual Sophia-Nanzan Sports Festival held with Sophia University. In addition, many of the Center’s teaching staff are involved in running various clubs.