Department of Economics

The primary task of the Department of Economics during the first two years of study is to lay the foundations for the application of advanced analytical skills through the study of general economic theory along with econometrics, data processing, and English language. Thereafter the students pursue their own course of study based on their individual interests and their awareness of the various issues within the field, be this at a micro level, compiling systems based on observations of corporate and consumer behavior or at a macro level, attempting to understand the mechanisms at work in economic fluctuations. In addition, the study of economic history and thought enables students to understand the policies required for tomorrow. There are also opportunities to study issues of immediate importance to Japan, such as environmental problems, social security for our ageing society, the restructuring of business and industry, and the globalization of the economy.

Features of the Department

  • Throughout their four years of study in the Department, students participate in seminars, allowing for personalized instruction and the opportunity to become immersed in the academic approach to the study of economics and to develop the ability to give presentations and debate effectively.
  • Parallel to the study of the fundamentals of economic theory, students are given a foundation in dealing with real-world economic problems that accompany moves towards on-line business. To prepare students for analyzing such problems, in the first year intensive courses are offered in information processing methods using mathematics and computers.
  • In recognition of the importance of English in the marketplace, practical courses in Business English are an integral part of the curriculum. The seminars also involve the use of a high proportion of English-language reference works.
  • The focus in on seminars from the third year, with students free to pursue their academic interests on a more individual basis.