Center for Teacher Education

What is the Center for Teacher Education?

In order to provide assistance for students who wish to become teachers, as well as full-time members of the teaching staff, there are counselors and teaching-assistants (postgraduate students) at the Center for Teacher Education. In addition to guidance designed to help prepare students for the teacher service examination, such as advice on how to write academic reports and, how to approach interviews, we offer advice on the full range of issues related to starting off on a career in education, so please avail yourselves of these services.

Our goal of fostering teachers

The goal of all teaching-related courses

  1. Motto of “For Human Dignity”
    Based on the philosophy of “For Human Dignity,” we seek to develop people with the following qualities. First, people whose character is based in a deep understanding of human dignity – people who are passionate about education. Second, we wish to foster people with a broad base of learning who possess sound specialist knowledge. Third, that our graduates are equipped with the practical skills to be able to face up to and deal with the range of issues that manifest themselves in the modern classroom environment.
  2. Foster people able to carry Japanese education forward in the context of the internationalization of Japan
    In keeping with the specific features of the faculties, departments and graduate programs in Nanzan University, we strive to have our students gain the qualifications required to teach the subjects offered at junior and senior high school. We have sent many teachers out into the workforce since the establishment of the teacher education program. Large numbers of foreign teaching staff and international students at Nanzan plus a well-established system for study abroad opportunities makes our rich international flavor one of Nanzan’s key features. Making the most of this environment, the ability to develop people able to playing leadings roles in Japanese education in the context of the internationalization of Japan is one of the strengths of our teacher education program.
  3. Center for Teacher Education
    We established the Center for Teacher Education and operate the Committee for the Center for Teacher Education separate to the faculties in order to achieve the above-mentioned goals. The Committee for the Center for Teacher Education comprises the director and deputy director of the Center, Staff of the Center for Teacher Education, members of the Committee for Academic Affairs Committee in faculties that have teacher education courses, people in charge of teacher education courses, plus the Administrative Director of Academic Affairs. We aim to function smoothly in the context of the University in its entirety, and through the Committee for the Center for Teacher Education we make suggestions to the various faculties to strengthen processes to foster teachers.
  4. Close ties with external organizations
    We are constantly in touch with the Education Committees of the prefectures in our region as well as the Nagoya Municipal Education Committee and other relevant authorities. In particular, we work closely with these authorities with regard to arranging teaching practice for would-be teachers or nursing care experiences. In addition, we maintain ties and cooperate with the Education Committees or other relevant organizations such as the Tokai-Hokuriku Region Private University Teacher Education Research Forum and the National Private University Teacher Education Research Council.
  5. Opportunities for In-service Teacher Training
    Nanzan also plays an active role in providing training opportunities for in-service teachers. For example, the Center for the Study of Human Relations offers open lectures, including some specifically designed for in-service teachers. In addition, the faculty members of the Center for Teacher Training often serve as lecturers and advisors for training sessions commissioned by schools and educational centers. In this way, we hope to contribute to society not only by training highly qualified teachers, but also by providing training for in-service teachers.

Efforts to enhance the quality of education in the context of teacher development

To achieve hands-on teacher training

While learning theory and the formulation of your own educational philosophy serves as the foundation upon which to become a teacher, at the same time, it is also necessary to develop the ability to the diverse range of issues faced by teachers at the chalkface. In this respect, we invite around a dozen currently active teachers as lecturers for the teaching subjects of Teaching Practice Seminars and to provide guidance for teaching practice for would-be teachers or nursing care experiences. By taking advantage of opportunities such as this, we are able to offer guidance on the actual situation in schools and the realities of giving advice to students.

Career support system for students aiming to become teachers

  1. Consultation system within the Center for Teacher Education
    In the Center for Teacher Education, in addition to full-time teaching staff there are part-time advisory staff and teaching assistants. The part-time advisory staff offer career counseling to students aiming to become teachers and advice for them on how to approach interview examinations. Postgraduate teaching assistants are also available to offer a range of advice to students wishing to pursue a career in teaching.
  2. Support for groups that function to help people prepare for the teacher service examination
    The University organizes support for student-initiated group activities designed to assist people aiming to become teachers. These group activities are formally recognized by the University’s Student Exchange Committee. In these groups, through activities such as group discussions, students work to enhance their perception of what education is and how to offer guidance to pupils. In addition, senior students create tests and offer guidance to junior students.
  3. Guidance from currently active teachers
    In addition to lectures, several times a year we invite members of our alumni who are currently working as teachers to come in to offer useful information about things such as offering advice to students in schools.
  4. Measures to help students prepare for the teacher service examination
    Students are free to view the materials held by The Center for Teacher Education related to the teacher service examination. It is possible to participate in the special lectures on the teacher service examination that are run by Nanzan Extension College, and to take the mock teacher service examinations that are run by external agencies.
  5. Participation in training sessions provided for beginning teachers in Aichi Prefecture
    Opportunities are provided to interested Nanzan students to observe training sessions run at the Aichi Prefectural Education Center for beginning teachers. Such sessions offer a valuable insight into the various issues that arise in schools and how to deal with them.