Department of Business Administration

As well as producing and providing goods and services to meet the needs of society, business organizations also provide large numbers of people with employment. Constantly faced with the task of dealing with a wide variety of issues and responding to the problem of environmental change, businesspeople need both an awareness of the kinds of problems that business are faced with and the knowledge of how to resolve those problems. Perhaps unique in its field in Japan, the Department of Business Administration has adopted the so-called four-core system that is prevalent in American business schools. The four areas of study that form the core of the Department’s curriculum are: organization and labor theory, financial theory, marketing theory, and accounting. Through a practical approach to the study of these four aspects of business administration, the Department aims to cultivate Japan’s businesspeople of the future.

Features of the Department

  • Fundamental courses are compulsory for all students, while more specialized courses are open to individual choice. The emphasis is on small class size in seminars and other such specialized courses.
  • A range of courses is offered that engage the problems of our times. These include Global Business Theory, Management Environment Theory, and Ethics in Management.
  • A variety of industry-specific courses such as banking, auto-manufacturing, electronics, and tourism are taught by highly experienced businesspeople in their respective fields. These courses offer first-hand knowledge about industry-specific business practices and prepare students well for the real business world.
  • The Department actively encourages the cultivation of entrepreneurs.
  • In addition to general education English instruction, the Department offers a full curriculum of specialized Business English courses. Students are encouraged to go on study-abroad programs supported by the Department.