Homestay Program


Homestay program is only available to the CJS students. The CJS homestay program was started when CJS was first established, in the belief that through the experience of sharing daily life with a Japanese family, Japanese culture would be learned firsthand and would deepen the ties between the student and the host family. Nanzan’s homestay program is one of the largest in Japan and enjoys a reputation as being the best. Many students wish to take part in this program each semester. In recent years approximately 40% of the CJS students have been placed with host families. Our cheerful and helpful staff are here to make each student’s stay at Nanzan a truly memorable experience.

Host families are recruited from families living in the area and also from among graduates of Nanzan University. After receiving an offer to participate in the program, members of the Housing Section visit the family to review the local environment, the transportation facilities, the cost of commuting, and the family atmosphere.

Each student wishing to participate in the homestay program is required to fill out an accommodation application form and provide personal information so that a good idea of the student’s hopes and expectations, interests, and individual personality can be gathered. A careful effort is made to match students and families who share common ways of thinking, hoping that each homestay will develop into a warm and lasting relationship.

A comprehensive orientation is held before the semester for new host families who will be accepting students. In addition, workshops are held throughout the year for the host families, to help them gain a better understanding of their experiences and to improve the quality of the program.

Students placed with a host family are able to enjoy experiences not available to students living in a dormitory or a rented room, such as participation in traditional Japanese celebrations like New Year and the Doll Festival. The experience of acquiring Japanese language skills by communicating with a Japanese family through daily life at home is a great opportunity for which CJS students are always thankful.

Students applying for the homestay program should be prepared for one-way commuting times of between 30 to 60 minutes, and transportation costs of about ¥15,000 per month. Commutes of this length are not unusual in Japan, considering the fact that some of the Japanese students at Nanzan have a daily ride to and from school of over two hours. Nanzan is located in a major metropolitan area, and our host families are recruited from the entire area in order to accommodate as many students as possible. On the other hand, students assigned to distant host families can purchase commuting passes that are convenient and useful for visiting around the city.