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Former CJS student gives lecture in "Business Japanaese" class

May 23, 2022

Mr. Alexy Camus, who works for NGK Spark Plug Co.,Ltd., gave a lecture online as a guest speaker for students who studied Business Japanese at the Center for Japanese Studies.

Mr. Camus from France studied at the Center for Japanese Studies from 2014 to 2015, and now works at NGK Spark Plug Co.,Ltd (Mobility Business Company), a comprehensive manufacture of fine ceramics. He is mainly in charge of establishing the sales budget and analysing the turnover.

In the lecture conducted in Japanese, he talked about how he spent his time after completing his study at the CJS, job hunting experience in Japan, and his current work. One of the CJS students who attended the lecture said, "I hope I will be able to speak Japanese and get a job in Japan like him in the future."