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December 21, 2020

To our graduates, I hope that you are all well. My name is Kiyoshi Fujimoto; I am the Dean of the Faculty of Policy Studies.

2020 marks the twentieth anniversary of the establishment of our faculty. As part of our commemorative events, we had planned to put the word out to encourage all of you former international students who are currently shining on the global stage to attend a large commemorative party, but unfortunately the pandemic scuttled our plans and we were unable to hold this event. I imagine that strict measures will have been implemented in each of your countries to control the spread of the virus and, as a result, that it has been a year marked by restrictions for you all.

I imagine that universities throughout the world have been delivering most of their classes online, as we have been doing at Nanzan University, so students have been taking lessons from their homes.

There were many students who were obliged to take their classes online from their own countries because they went home for the spring holidays, but were then unable to come back to Japan. Be that as it may, this situation has reminded us that as long as we can overcome the difficulties regarding time difference, IT has advanced to the stage at which we can take classes in real time regardless of where we are in the world.

The other day, we asked a Japanese graduate of our faculty who is currently working in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam to talk to our current students using Zoom on the topic of “Thinking about our career.” The focus was on what she got involved in when she was at university and aspects of her career to date. Previously for such events we had asked graduates in Japan to come to our campus to deliver a talk, and had not thought at all about having a graduate living overseas to speak using an online platform. We now realize that we can ask our overseas-based graduates who are shining on the world stage to relate their experiences to our current students, so we may request your cooperation on this front at some stage.

In 2017, the Faculty of Policy Studies moved from its former location on the Seto Campus to be integrated into the Nagoya Campus. I can understand that there might be some feelings of sadness among our previous graduates because the old campus, with all of the memories it held, no longer exists. The Nagoya Campus is located on high ground, so from the new building that houses the Faculty of Policy Studies we can see the high-rise buildings around Nagoya Station, as well as the main urban area of Nagoya City. It is totally different to the lush green environment that was the Seto Campus, but the content of the learning that occurs in the Faculty of Policy Studies is unchanged. While it has become easy to connect online these days, there is nothing better than talking face-to-face. Please do come and visit us on the Nagoya Campus once we all get through the pandemic. I sincerely hope that the day on which people can once again come and go freely as we used to do previously is not far off.

Kiyoshi Fujimoto
Faculty of Policy Studies

卒業生の皆さん、お元気ですか? 総合政策学部長の藤本です。






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