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July 20, 2020

The 2019 September Graduation Ceremony will be held in accordance with the following procedures.

I am Takakazu Yamagishi, the current director of the Center for International Affairs of Nanzan University.

How are you doing? This question is usually said as a greeting. Under the current COVID-19 circumstances, however, I ask this question with my true hope that you, your family, and friends are all healthy and doing well.

During the rapid spread of COVID-19, we saw how impactful globalization is, and how easily the national border can be closed.

The Center for Japanese Studies (CJS) of Nanzan decided to go online in the beginning of March. Exchange students all over the world were directed to come back to Japan. As studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many people, I felt very sorry for them.

The spread of COVID-19 also widened the economic gap and worsened racial discrimination. This difficult time forces us to think what international education really means.

This tough time can be a window of opportunity for improving our international programs. Nanzan University has been prepared to drastically evolve CJS. We also plan to more actively recruit degree-seeking international students. Moreover, since Nanzan was selected as one of the ten universities to implement the COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) program, we have been developing innovative courses that connect classrooms of Nanzan and its partner universities.

Our new president Robert Kisala also strongly promotes our new exploration by setting the slogan, “The worldwide concern, our contribution.”

Lastly, I would like to ask for your favor. Please tell your friends and especially children how important international education and studying abroad are and how fun your experience in Japan was. That should encourage the future generation to do what you have bravely done. I hope that when this pandemic is over, we can see the world where we all support each other with a strong “multicultural safety net” going beyond differences in nationality, race, ethnicity, and culture.

Please do visit your “old home” Nanzan again when time allows!

Takakazu Yamagishi
Center for International Affairs






南山大学では、この危機的な状況を創造の機会と捉え、留学生別科を2021年に大きく進化させるための準備をしています。また学部により多くの留学生を迎える準備もしています。さらに、2018年にはCOIL (Collaborative Online International Learning)を広めるための10大学に選ばれて、オンラインで海外のクラスと繋いで新たな学びの場を作り出してきています。




山岸 敬和

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