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Jana Katharina Ludwig

One day in October 2012, Ms. Jana Ludwig dropped into the CJS Office. She is still a big fan of Nagoya, and said that this is because the people and atmosphere of Nagoya are very similar to the city in which she was born and raised. In the past, she would often come to visit Nagoya, but now that she has found a job it seems as though she won't be able to come again for quite some time.

We were worried that Jana may be stressed by the fact that she is unable to come to Nagoya, and jokingly, Nobuyo Machida sensei suggested that one solution could be an introduction for an arranged marriage with a wealthy Nagoya man.

Jana will commence work with a machinery manufacturer in Bietigheim-Bissingen in Germany. Her job will be to help supervise the company's income and expenditure from global projects. She is now still in her training period and said that it is unfortunate that she has few opportunities to use her Japanese language skills.

Jana also enjoyed talking with her former teacher Hisami Okada. Okada-sensei said that they both share a character trait that makes them quietly obsessed by an interest and this allows them to stay on the same wavelength in a conversation for quite some time. On this occasion Jana gave a detailed explanation of the ins and outs of the European economic situation and Okada-sensei asked questions along the way.

Okada-sensei summed up Jana as follows:

  • Is able to discuss world economic issues based on her diverse knowledge of politics, culture, ethnic groups and religion.
  • Can give easily understandable explanations in advanced Japanese.
  • Comes across as a very capable and knowledgeable researcher rather than as a student.

Okada-sensei said that she was really impressed with the quality of Jana's Japanese language ability, and added that if she had closed her eyes, she would undoubtedly have thought that she was speaking with a native-speaker of Japanese. The previous time that Jana had visited, she helped in an IJ700 class as a former student, and that her fluent Japanese was a great stimulus to the students in the class.

Jana is now also studying Korean and says that she has been asked by Korean people “Are you Japanese?” She mused that, “I'm sure that I don't look Japanese…” But it must be that her Korean language skills are influenced by her knowledge of the Japanese language. This was something that made us appreciate how much Japanese has really become a part of Jana, possibly as much as, or even more than her native German.

Jana has learned how to put on a kimono correctly and is even capable of dressing others in a kimono. She knows as much about Japanese culture as a normal Japanese person, possibly even more. Before she entered the CJS at Nanzan University she had studying at Seirei High School, which is run under the same Nanzan Gakuen School Corporation umbrella. While she had not really thought about it so much in specific terms, after she completed her studies at Seirei High School and returned to Germany, she had dreamed of studying at Nanzan University. There is no doubting the fact that she is clearly a fan of Nanzan University and of Nagoya.





  • 政治、文化、民族、宗教など、多様な知識を背景として世界経済を論ずることができる
  • 高度な日本語で詳しく、しかもわかりやすく説明ができる
  • 学生というより、いつもたくさんの知識を与えてくれる、有能な専門家のような人物