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On a very cold day in January, LEE Ji Eun and YANG Myoung Eun dropped into the CJS Office to say hello. Both commented that they thought that it was much colder in Nagoya than in Seoul. They also said that they always look forward to reading the CJS E-Newsletter, and that they enjoy reading about the activities of friends with whom they studied at Nanzan, or notices about Nanzan-kai gatherings, or what the CJS is doing these days. On this occasion, they are the topic of the latest newsletter.


YANG Myoung Eun

After finishing at the CJS in May, 2010 Myoung Eun returned to her own university, the Catholic University of Korea, to continue her studies, graduating in August 2011. Myoung Eun’s specialist field of study is Japanese, but when she first entered the university she was majoring in Chinese, so because she had switched to Japanese partway through, when she entered the CJS she had only taken the most fundamental level Japanese classes in her own university. So, effectively, Myoung Eun’s Japanese language ability was developed almost totally at the CJS, where she really studied hard.

For the four months following her graduation she worked as a contracted employee interpreting at conferences or doing jobs that involved communicating with Japanese corporations. She thinks that the Japanese learned at Nanzan, including respect language (keigo) that she learned in the Business Japanese and Japanese in Tourism courses in the CJS, was very useful for her. It’s great that she became able to speak such natural Japanese during her time at the CJS. Myoung Eun is now out there looking for a more permanent job.

After returning to Korea, Myoung Eun has had few opportunities to use her Japanese, so in addition to continuing to study by herself, she does language exchanges once a week with Japanese students in Korea. This helps both parties and is in its own way good interaction with Japanese people. She said that she also often watches Japanese television dramas.

Myoung Eun says that while the study in the CJS was great, so was the fact that so many friends could be made. At first she felt a little alone because she came to Nanzan by herself, but through her classes, her accommodation and the field trips she went on, she soon made many friends, not only among the Japanese students, but also with students from other foreign countries. She still keeps in touch with those friends through Facebook and recently was invited to the wedding of a good friend from Britain, staying three weeks in the UK.

Friendships started through the CJS continue like this for Myoung Eun and her peers. These days, she says that there are times when all of a sudden she remembers something from her time at the CJS. We recommend to all those who have followed her in studying at the CJS that they study hard and create lots of enjoyable memories by making many friends and having a really good time.

梁明恩さんは2010年5月にCJSを終えてからは、母校の韓国カトリック大学へ戻って勉強を続け、2011年8月に卒業しました。専門は日本語ですが、入学当初の専攻だった中国学科から途中で日本語専攻に転科したため、CJS に入学が決まった時には、ようやく日本語の基本の授業を履修しただけでした。日本語は全部 CJS で勉強したと言っていいでしょう。CJS では本当によく勉強したと感じています。

梁さんは卒業後4か月は契約社員のような形で、カンファレンスなどで日本語の通訳や日本語企業との連絡担当の仕事をしました。CJS で Business JapaneseやJapanese in Tourismのクラスで敬語を含めた日本語を勉強したことがとても役に立ったと実感したそうです。CJS にいる間に、癖のない日本語を話せるようになったこともよかったと感じています。今は、日本語を活かせる仕事を探して就職活動中です。


CJS では勉強だけでなく、大勢のかけがえのない友達もつくりました。最初は、たったひとりで留学に来た...という状況でしたが、授業や宿舎、フィールドトリップなどの学生生活を通じて、日本人だけでなく、他の国から来た留学生とも仲良くなれたことはすごくよかったと感じています。
今もフェイスブックで連絡を取り合っていますし、この前は、CJS で仲良くなったイギリス人の友達が結婚式に招いてくれて、3週間ステイしてきました。

CJS の友達とは、こんな感じで今も交流を続けています。今でもふとしたときに、CJS で留学していたときのことを思い出すそうです。CJS の後輩のみんなには、勉強をしっかりすること、友達をたくさん作ること、遊ぶのもしっかりすること、楽しい思い出をたくさん作ることをお薦めしますとアドバイスしてくれました。