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Anna Malia Perdomo

In June 2011, Anna Perdomo dropped in to the CJS Office to say hello. She was busy traveling around on holiday, but everyone enjoyed catching up with her. Perdomo-san wrote a letter to us looking back on her time studying at Nanzan that we will include here.

After I finished CJS, I came back to my university California State University Fullerton and started CSUF Japanese Culture Club to promote language exchange between Americans studying Japanese and Japanese studying English. I have since graduated and am working as a project manager at a small business here in Los Angeles.

Last June I was planning on going back to Japan to visit my boyfriend's family in Sapporo. However, I successfully convinced him to spend a few days in Nagoya so I could visit my wonderful host family and of course say hi to the always welcoming CJS staff! The new building really surprised me!

One of my favorite memories at CJS was starting "Seihoshinki" with the international group of friends I made at Nanzan. Bonded by our obsession for a Korean pop group named "Tohoshinki," we learned one of their most popular dances and performed it at the CJS graduation party. It was definitely a highlight of my time in Nagoya. In retrospect, whether it be going out to drink, doing karaoke, walking around Sakae, or walking up the long path to Yagoto's Jusco and stopping at Rafters for a delicious Kahlua shake along the way, everyday spent in Nagoya has a fond place in my heart.

I am hoping that someday I will be able to live in Japan for a time. But until that happens, I will be going back to visit as much as possible!

Studying at Nanzan was the best decision I have ever made in my life. Not only did it provide me the necessary tools to become proficient in Japanese, but it gave me the confidence to be able to use it every day. In addition, I was able to make a wide variety of friends from many different countries. Just go to Nanzan. If you are hesitating due to financial difficulties, just remember: If there is a will, there is a way. There are always financial aid resources available. Just go. You won't regret it.