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Sunday March 23, 2014

A Nanzan-kai gathering will be held in Bangkok in Thailand on Sunday 23 March. Professor Masahiro Hoshino, the director of the Center for International Education, will go from Japan to attend the gathering.

Bangkok Nanzan-kai

[ Date ] Sunday March 23, 2014
[ Time ] 6:00pm
[ Where ] Nara Thai Cuisine
Nara Central World
7th Floor, Beacon Zone
Ratchadamri Rd., Pathum Wan Sub-District,
Pathum Wan District, Bangkok
[ Phone ] +662-613-1658
[ URL ] http://www.naracuisine.com/

Our former Ryugakusei student Mr. Bordinrat Ikkyu Chankhao (CJS 2011-2012) is now coordinating the event. Those who would like to attend please contact Ikkyu through our official facebook or E-mail.

No doubt you will all be busy with your regular routine, but this will be a valuable opportunity to reminisce about when you were studying at Nanzan University and to hear directly from Professor Hoshino about developments on campus and what Nanzan University is aiming at for the future. We really hope that many of you will be able to come along.

Please come and see us!

We are planning to appoint local alumni presidents and secretaries in various regions in and beyond Bangkok in which we would like to see Nanzan-kai activities occurring regularly. We would also like to involve our alumni as interpreters when we participate in the Japan Education Fairs and discussions with universities/institutions with which we have formal relationships. We hope that we will be able to enlist your support at venues at which we can connect your experiences studying at Nanzan University to the next generation of prospective students.




[ 日時 ] 2014年3月23日(日曜日)午後6時より
[ 場所 ] Nara Thai Cuisine
Nara Central World
7th Floor, Beacon Zone
Ratchadamri Rd., Pathum Wan Sub-District,
Pathum Wan District, Bangkok
[ 電話 ] +662-613-1658
[ URL ] http://www.naracuisine.com/






Saturday March 1, 2014

A Nanzan-kai alumni gathering will be held in Shanghai, China on Saturday, March 1st. Nanzan University will be represented by the Director of the Center for International Education, Professor Masahiro Hoshino from Policy Studies Department and Mr. Yasushi Mitani, Director of the Division of Academic Affairs. It is hoped that all alumni living in the vicinity of Shanghai will be able to attend. We would love you to come and join us for the Shanghai Nanzan-kai.

[ Date ] Saturday, 1 March, 2014
[ Time ] 6:00pm
[ Where ] Jade Garden, Pudong
877 Dongfang Lu,
Pudong, Shanghai
[ Phone ] (021)5058 6088
[ URL ] http://s.navi.com/shanghai/food/149/

near Weifang Lu, Metro Line 2 Shiji Da Dao Station

* The cost of participation will depend upon how much food is ordered.

Our former Ryugakusei student Ms. HE Yingkun (CJS 2011-2012) is now coordinating the event. Those who would like to attend please contact Yingkun through our official Facebook or E-mail.

We hope that many familiar faces will gather and that people will enjoy catching up with each other. We are looking forward to see you all.




[ 日時 ] 2014年3月1日(土曜日)午後6時から
[ 場所 ] 蘇浙匯 浦東店
(近濰坊路, 地鉄2号綫世紀大道站)
[ 電話 ] (021)5058 6088
[ URL ] http://s.navi.com/shanghai/food/149/



2014 Spring Semester CJS Entrance Ceremony

On Wednesday, 8 January, the 2014 Spring Semester Entrance Ceremony was held for a total of 37 students from 11 countries. In his greeting, Nanzan University President Michael Calmano, S.V.D., said that he wants each of the students to think about how they can most effectively spend the Spring Semester period through until May. At the CJS Welcome Party, Masahiro Hoshino, Director of the Nanzan University Center for International Education also wished the students well in having a worthwhile stay. We too hope that the students will use this five month-period to improve their Japanese and broaden their horizons.



2013 Fall Semester CJS Party: December 17, 2013

Seems like only yesterday that everyone was at the CJS Welcome Party...it sounds cliché, but it’s true. We’ve been here only a few months, and in the blink of an eye all that potential time seemed to vanish and transform into truly special memories. Something is different about this party however: at the welcome party that happened after we all arrived we were nervous, full of doubts, a room full of strangers and mild acquaintances. This time, there was a difference in the atmosphere, you could see that people had gained confidence in themselves, in their abilities, but perhaps more than that, we had all gained something else – we were part of something larger than ourselves, part of a community, part of a ‘family’.

It was apparent, from Tenzin’s speech about how much everyone had been there, and about all the patience we had with each other in learning Japanese. You could see it in Tony’s performance, letting his personal passion become something to be shared among the friends he’s made here. You could see it in President Calmano’s final words to us all –“Japanese isn’t difficult, it’s just impossible”; the same thing he mentioned at the beginning of our semester. Yet, this time it held another meaning - we’ve all come to realize that nothing is really impossible within a community as strong as ours has become, and will continue to be. After the party ended, for about half an hour or so people were still reminiscing, saying their goodbyes: it was a “hug-houdai”, as several students referred to it.

I’d like to say thank you for all the opportunities given to me in these three and a half months, not only to my friends, but also to the wonderful exchange student program at Nanzan as well, and everyone who works at the CJS Office for their undying support and patience with all of us. And to those of us leaving, and those of us staying at Nanzan for another semester, I offer the following: 「さようなら」じゃなくて、「じゃあ、またね」。- it’s not goodbye, it’s only ‘see you later’.

Chelsea Armstrong
CJS 2013 Fall
Oakland University





外国人留学生別科 2014年秋学期

Home Coming Day

On 3 November, which is the Culture Day national holiday, the University held its Alumni Home Coming Day to coincide with the Nanzan University Festival. Former international students were welcomed at a booth set up on the second floor of the Alumni Association Center. All sorts of people came to say “hello.” There were people who have come back to Japan again to work after having returned to their own universities after having studied at the CJS and graduated in their home countries. There were also people who went on to further study here in Japan. It also seemed to serve as an opportunity for our alumni to reminisce in familiar surroundings about their days as an international student and to talk about their plans and dreams for the future.



Ryugaku Fair and Reunion meeting "NANZAN-KAI" in Jakarta

On Sunday 27 October, the Japan Education Fair 2013 was held at the Balai Sidang JCC in Jakarta. As always, interpreting services at the Nanzan University booth were provided by former CJS students. This year, four CJS graduates: Febrian Nanda-san Anantasyah (CJS 2000-2001), Hanna Frisca (CJS 2011-2012), Samsul Maarif (CJS 2012 -2013) and Trias Misi (CJS 2012-2013) did extremely well helping to explain aspects of studying abroad at Nanzan University and in Japan to the many visitors to the booth.

When walking around the venue we also met other CJS graduates who were interpreting at the booths of other universities. Nurdianti Indah Pratiwi (CJS 2010-2011), Novia Dewi Seminarti (CJS 2010-2011) and Frisian Yuniardi (CJS 1999-2000) were working hard in the booths of the universities they had been allocated to.

It was great to see former international students doing their best, based on their own experience, to convey the merits of studying Japanese and Japanese culture in Japan (not only at Nanzan University) to young people in Jakarta. Thank you very much to all those people who helped with interpreting on this occasion.

After the Japan Education Fair finished, the Jakarta Nanzankai alumni gathering that everyone had been so looking forward to was held. It was a large affair, with Professor Agus Suherman Suryadimulya (CJS 1984) from Padjadjaran University coming from Bandung and Ms. Dewi Reni Anggraeni (CJS 2004-2005) attending from the Japanese Studies Program, Faculty of Humanities of the Universitas Indonesia. It was an extremely enjoyable gathering, with people fondly reminiscing about their time in Japan, talking about funny stories and things that didn’t go well, updating each other about mutual friends and talking about plans for the future. We sincerely hope that those of you who were unable to attend on this occasion will be able to come along next time.






On Saturday 19 October, a Beijing Nanzan-kai gathering was held timed to take advantage of the fact that Masahiro Hoshino sensei and Kazuyo Yamaguchi sensei of the Faculty of Policy Studies were in Beijing with work. The first gathering of the Beijing Nanzan-kai was a success thanks to the cooperation of a number of people. There was only a small number in attendance on this occasion, but we were able to discuss all sorts of things and everyone had a good time.

Three former international students took part, Ms. GAO Qian, Ms. GUO Xiaoli and me PAN Beibei. We are very grateful to the staff of the Center for International Education and the Office of the Faculty of Policy Studies for the assistance they provided in holding this event. Thank you very much for your help. Moving forward, we would like to further expand the scale of the Nanzan-kai network and hope that you will be involved along the way.

PAN Beibei
Faculty of Policy Studies, 2008-2012



参加した元留学生は私・潘貝貝と高謙、郭暁莉の三人です。実施にあたって南山大学国際教育センターと総合政策学部事務室のスタッフの皆さんのお世話になりました。いろいろ助けてくださって、本当にありがとうございました。 これから、私たちも南山会を広げるためにがんばりたいと思います。どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。


Visit by Mrs. Kazumi Dixon

Mrs. Dixon visited the CJS on September 30th. She was the only office worker in the CJS for the three years after it was founded in 1974. Referred to as “Mimi” back then by the CJS Director Margarete Sawada and the students, she was loved by one and all. When after 37 years she entered what was her old workplace, Room H14 (which is where the CJS began) all sorts of memories flooded back for her and she stood in silence for a while as she gathered her thoughts. After that she visited the Center for International Education, and was overwhelmed by the development that the CJS has managed through the years. She heard from Professor Masahiro Hoshino, Director, Center for International Education that it is hoped that in the near future the organization will develop into an international center, and commented that she very much looks forward to such developments coming to fruition. This photo is taken in front of our new CJS Office with Professor Emirates Ban Noriko Sensei. We are hoping to see Mimi-san again on our campus.

Mrs. Kazumi Dixon 訪問

9月30日、CJS創設の1974年から3年間CJSの事務を一人でこなしていた秘書のMrs. Dixonの訪問がありました。当時の別科長・澤田マルガレータ先生も教員も留学生もミミと呼んで、みんなから愛されていた人でした。37年ぶりに昔の仕事場であったH14教室(CJSはここから始まったのです)に入り、あれこれの思いが湧き出てきて、しばらく沈黙が続きました。その後、国際教育センターを訪問し、CJSの発展にふれて、感無量だったようです。星野昌裕センター長から近い将来国際センターとして組織の展開が期待されるという話しを伺い、益々の発展を祈りたいと答えていました。写真は当時の苦楽を共にした伴紀子先生との再会のスナップです。また是非お目に掛りたいと思います。

Japan Education Fair (Seoul)

The Japan Education Fair was held in Seoul on 8 September, with a total of 2,125 people visiting the venue. Of those, 29 people came to the Nanzan University booth. Two CJS graduates, Ms. Ohkju Yoon and Ms. Heesu Yang, were extremely helpful, talking to visitors about their own experiences. We sincerely hope that the next time we meet those who came to our booth is at Nanzan University.

Chieri Komori
Admissions Office
Nanzan University





Entrance Ceremony for Faculty of Policy Studies students commencing in the 2013 Fall Semester

On 13 September, the Faculty of Policy Studies held its entrance ceremony for students joining the faculty from that month. Twelve students from China, Taiwan, Thailand and Myanmar entered the faculty. We are sure that they will work hard to prepare themselves for their future, understanding that studying at university is part of the process that will see them go on to assume leading roles in society.

Almost one month has passed since I arrived in Japan. I have become used to living here and enjoy my life in the dormitory and the school. I have made friends not just with local Japanese, but also with people from a range of different countries.

I have been studying at Nanzan University as a foreign student since the end of August this year. I have been immersed in the Japanese language since the very moment that I entered the country, something that is both exciting and a cause of anxiety. At first I felt bad because I couldn’t speak much Japanese, but my teachers and dormitory staff spoke slow for me, which was a great help.

Nanzan University is a Catholic school. There are many foreign lecturers, the language instruction program is excellent and there is a real international environment in the university. The campus is large, in fact so large that I had a rather embarrassing experience trying to get to my first class. There are many students and it has well apportioned dining rooms, libraries and sports training rooms. The university has two student dormitories, which are known as Koryu Kaikan and I live in one of them. My three roommates are from Taiwan, Myanmar and Japan. They are very nice people and I am indebted to them for helping me settle in.

In my Japanese class I am now studying with students from Thailand, South Korea and Myanmar. In my classes there are also many opportunities to communicate with people from all over the world. In this context, I hope that I will not only be learning a language, but will also be learning about different cultures and developing the ability to state my opinion to others. I sense that the Japanese classes I am attending everyday are equipping me with the language ability required to function here in Japan. Everyone around me is really keen to improve their Japanese ability and seeing that spurs me on to do my best.

Let’s work hard together to realize our dreams over the next four years.

Wang Li
Faculty of Policy Studies 2013-2017








王 力

2013 Fall Semester CJS Entrance Ceremony

In the CJS Fall Semester Entrance Ceremony held on Wednesday, 4 September, 119 students formally entered the CJS. This total was made up of 115 full-time students and four part-time students. The students were very busy in the first week with placements tests, campus tours, welcome parties and various types of orientation as well as aspects of organizing their lives in Japan such as opening bank accounts and setting up health insurance policies. We hope that the new intake of students can smoothly organize their lives in Japan and vigorously apply themselves to their studies this semester. Learning a new language is not an easy task, but solid effort will pay off.



Bangkok Japan Education Fair and Bangkok Nanzan-kai

As many as 2,324 people attended the Japan Education Fair held in Bangkok in Thailand on 1 September. A total of 39 individuals or small groups of Thai students came to ask questions at the Nanzan University booth. We sincerely hope that these students will enroll to come and study at Nanzan from next spring. While the booth was operating that day, graduates who had studied at the CJS and are now teaching Japanese in Thailand also dropped in, so the booth was busy one way or another all day. We are very grateful to Ms. Rapeepun Kietnapasin, Ms. Supakporn Chiammanchit, Ms. Siyada Witoon, and Mr. Pichit Jinakaew for kindly assisting with interpreting.

On August 31, the day before the Education Fair, there was a gathering of Nanzan University alumni currently living in Thailand. The lively conversation covered all sorts of topics including the current situation or universities in Thailand. We are very grateful to Mr. Bordinrat Chankhao for organizing this gathering for us. We all look forward to the next chance we have to meet everyone.



Graduation Ceremony for Faculty of Policy Studies students who commenced in the 2013 Fall Semester

I was thrilled to graduate. Four years have passed since I came to Japan, and while this seemed to go by really quickly, I am certain that this experience as a foreign student will prove to be hugely valuable in shaping my future.

I knew nothing about Nanzan University before I came to Japan, and I arrived here worried about all sorts of things. The first year was really tough. The Japanese that I had learned back in Vietnam didn’t seem to be of much use, and I couldn’t create genuine friendships, so everything around me was a source of stress. I did a part time job, but couldn’t really communicate so it didn’t go well and so my first job in Japan ended with me quitting. I lost confidence, and so that first year was difficult.

In the second year of my stay here, I gradually became used to life in Japan and, little by little, as I became able to express myself better in Japanese and to make friends, I began to come to grips with my life in Japan.

By living in the Nanzan University Koryu Kaikan student accommodation I was able to make friends not only with Japanese students but also with students from other countries. By discussing all sorts of things with them, my view of the world became more rounded and I became able to understand more of what occurs around me. I experienced things in Japan that had not been possible in Vietnam and through living by myself I gradually became able to see what I am capable of doing. Studying at Nanzan University for four years and living in the Koryu Kaikan was really good for me.

I intend to make the most of my experience and do my best to pursue my goals and realize my dreams. I am truly grateful to everyone at Nanzan University who contributed to my time here.

Trung Duc NGUYEN
Faculty of Policy Studies 2009-2013







グエン チュン ドゥック

Ryugaku Fair and Reunion meeting "NANZAN-KAI" in Taipei

Dear Nanzan International Students Alumni Network members,

I participated in the Japan Education Fair 2013 held in Taipei, Taiwan with former CJS students on Sunday, 21 July. We promoted the option of students or working people interested coming to Japan to study, and to Nanzan University as a venue for that study. We are very grateful for the assistance we received with interpreting from Ms. Ye Nai-Fang, Ms. Su Hua-Hsuan, Ms. Wang Wei-Ping and Mr. Chen Shih-Yao. They all talked about their own experiences at Nanzan, which seemed to make the prospective students who came to our booth even more interested in taking the plunge and studying in Japan.

The night before the Fair a gathering of the Taipei Nanzan-kai was held. On this occasion, there were six of us including three graduates of the Faculty of Policy Studies, one of the CJS and one Japanese graduate living in Taipei who heard about the Nanzan-kai gathering through the Facebook page.

We are truly grateful that people are connected through their experience at Nanzan despite differences they may have in age and faculties. We sincerely hope that these connections will serve you all well in your future endeavors. Thank you very much.

Best regards,
Center for International Education Office
Nanzan University





矢島 紀子

CJS Summer Program 2013

The Nanzan Summer Japanese Program was held from 7 June to 21 July. This year enthusiastic students from the United States, Canada, Italy, China, Thailand and Vietnam spent an extremely fulfilling summer together. During the six-week Intensive Japanese Program, there were fieldtrips to locations both inside and outside Aichi Prefecture, as well as workshops on making Japanese confectionery. The Program was both demanding and very enjoyable for those who took part.



2012-2013 CJS Closing Ceremony

The CJS Closing Ceremony was held on a glorious early summer’s day on Saturday, 18 May. One of the students completing their studies, Ms. Jennifer McDougall said, “The CJS Closing Ceremony was both a sad and wonderful experience. Even though we had to say goodbye to a lot of good friends and teachers, it was fun to recount memories throughout the year, as well as make a few more before going home. It is a day I will never forget.”

Please click on the button below to see the speech by Nanzan University President Michael Calmano and the heartfelt words spoken by Ms. Wenting Yu on behalf of the students.




Ryugaku Fair and Reunion meeting "NANZAN-KAI" in Hanoi

Japan Education Fair was held at the I.C.E. Hanoi (International Center for Exhibition) in Hanoi, Vietnam on Monday, 26 May. Hiroyuki Minami of the President’s Office represented Nanzan University at the fair. This is the 10th time the Japan Student Services Organization has held an education fair in Hanoi. This year also marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Vietnam, so the fair was held on a larger scale than in a normal year. A total of 2,100 people took part, which is a considerable increase on the 866 of the previous academic year. The Nanzan University booth was crowded all day with young people interested in studying in Japan. We are extremely grateful to Mr. Nyugen Duc Knoa and Ms. Dao Thu Phong for their assistance as interpreters.

A Nanzan-kai gathering was held on the day before the fair for those alumni living in or near Hanoi. Hiroyuki Minami commented as follows: “Thank you to everyone who welcomed me so warmly into the Hanoi Nanzan-kai. It was a very enjoyable event to be involved in. I found it really something special to be able to talk about so many aspects of Nanzan in a distant country such as Vietnam, and on top of that I was moved to sense how deeply people love Nanzan University. I sincerely hope that the Hanoi Nanzan-kai will continue to go from strength to strength. Thank you very much to all those who gathered despite their own busy schedules. We look forward to seeing you next year.”





CJS Festa 2013

An event known as the CJS Festa was held on 10 April. Basically it is a presentation to Japanese undergraduate and postgraduate students by CJS students on the ongoing progress or results of their studies. It was held for each level of Japanese language ability in six different classrooms and provided a good opportunity for international students to converse with local Japanese students. In my class, using photographs and the like, we introduced our home university and hometown or country. For the Japanese students it allowed them to get a good idea of what countries international students are from and for us foreign students it was a good opportunity to practice speaking Japanese. But the best part was making friends with local Japanese students. Thank you to all the students who took part in the CJS Festa. It was a lot of fun! It’d be great to have another one soon…

Marisa Karlsen
CJS Fall 2012 - Summer 2013
California State University, Fullerton




Nanzan University Entrance Ceremony for the 2013 Academic Year

The Nanzan University Entrance Ceremony for the 2013 Academic Year was held in beautiful spring weather on 1 April. Nine students from China, South Korea and Thailand entered the Faculty of Policy Studies. Representing the new international student intake, Mr. Ban Ma Jian Can said, “Keeping our dreams and the expectations of our families firmly in mind, during the next four years that we are here at Nanzan University we will strive to build a wonderful future for ourselves.” We sincerely hope that the experience of studying at Nanzan is meaningful and worthwhile for everyone.




Hanoi Nanzan-kai
Saturday 25 May, 2013

On Saturday 25 May, a Hanoi Nanzan-kai will be held in Hanoi in Vietnam. The University will be represented by Hiroyuki Minami of the Office of the President. The Hanoi Nanzan-kai is not just for former international students who have returned home to Vietnam, but is actually one of the numerous lively gatherings that include Japanese alumni who work locally or whose husbands are now based there. To anyone who lives in or near to Hanoi or has plans to be in the city on this date, please try to fit this gathering into your schedule. The venue and time are given below. The cost of participation will depend upon how much food is ordered. We look forward to seeing you at what no doubt will be a very enjoyable event.

3rd Hanoi Nanzankai

[ When ] From 6:00pm Saturday 25 May, 2013
[ Where ] Vuvuzela - Beer Club
Ðịa chỉ: Số 2A Trần Thánh Tông (song song Tăng Bạt Hổ), Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội

When you are able to attend, please contact Nanzan University International Students Alumni Network intl-alumni@nanzan-u.ac.jp or our facebook https://www.facebook.com/NanzanUniversityIntlAlumni

Also, on the day following the Nanzankai gathering, Sunday 26 May, Nanzan University will be represented at the Japan Education Fair, which will be held at the Hanoi International Center for Exhibition (I.C.E. Hanoi). Please pass the word on to anyone you know who may be thinking of studying in Japan.




[ 日時 ] 2013年5月25日(土曜日)午後6時から
[ 場所 ] Vuvuzela - Beer Club
Địa chỉ: Số 2A Trần Thánh Tông (song song Tăng Bạt Hổ), Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội

参加希望の皆さんはEメイル intl-alumni@nanzan-u.ac.jp か
フェイスブック https://www.facebook.com/NanzanUniversityIntlAlumni を通じてご連絡ください。

なおこの南山会の翌日5月26日(日曜日)にHanoi International Center for Exhibition (I.C.E.Hanoi)で開催される「日本留学フェア」(Japan Education Fair)には南山大学も参加します。お近くの方、これから日本への留学を考えている皆さんはこちらにも是非参加して下さい。