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Los Angeles NANZAN-KAI
Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Nanzan Get-Together Reunion NANZAN-KAI in Los Angeles for former Nanzan students who have returned to the United States will be held in Downtown Los Angeles on Saturday, March 23rd. Please see the details indicated below.

Associate Professor Masahiko Mutsukawa, the Dean of Academic Affairs for Japanese Language, Center for Japanese Studies, Nanzan University will be present to warmly welcome all of the alumni. It is hoped that all alumni who live in the vicinity of Los Angeles or happen to pass through the area will be able to attend. We are really looking forward to hearing how you have been doing. Please contact Nanzan University International Students Alumni Network intl-alumni@nanzan-u.ac.jp

[ Date ] Saturday, March 23, 2013
[ Time ] 6:30PM
[ Place ]

Far Bar LA
347 East 1st Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 617-9990

[ Fee ] $20-$50 (?) TBD (dinner not provided)

RSVP by Wednesday, March 20, 2013



今回は南山大学外国人留学生別科日本語科目担当の六川雅彦先生が出席されます。参加希望の皆さんはEメイル intl-alumni@nanzan-u.ac.jp かフェイスブック https://www.facebook.com/NanzanUniversityIntlAlumni を通じてご連絡ください

[ 場所 ]

Far Bar LA
347 East 1st Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 617-9990

[ 会費 ] $20から$50くらい(夕飯は含まれません)




CJS 2013 Spring Semester Entrance Ceremony

On Thursday, 10 January, the entrance ceremony for the 2013 Spring Semester Center for Japanese Studies was held in Building R on the Nagoya Campus. At the ceremony, a total of 50 students from thirteen countries and regions were accepted into the CJS. Including those who are continuing on from the previous semester, this means that there are now 124 international students enrolled in courses at the CJS.
We sincerely hope that you study hard, enjoy yourselves and make the most of each and every day in Japan.



Dr. Agus Suherman visits

On 10 January 2013, we had a visit by Dr. Agus Suherman, professor of Japanese language and literature in the Faculty of Arts (Director the Center for Japanese Language Research) of Padjadjaran University in Indonesia. That day was the Entrance Ceremony for this Spring Semester, so after attending the ceremony he paid a visit to Michael Calmano, S.V.D., the President of Nanzan University, and met with Indonesian exchange students from his university.

In 1984 Dr. Agus Suherman entered the CJS as the very first student from Indonesia. In 1998, after coming back again to study on an Aichi prefectural scholarship he earned his masters degree. In order to continue his study of the lexicological relationship between the Japanese and Indonesian languages he entered the Graduate School of Letters at Nagoya University, where he earned his Phd.

The objective of this trip was to give a presentation at the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics on the joint research project that he has been involved in on the corpus of the Japanese language. In this presentation delivered in a session entitled “Learning from Japanese Language Education around the world” he spoke about the current situation of Japanese language education in Indonesia. At present Dr. Agus Suherman is serving as the chairman of the Association of Indonesian Japanese Language Education Studies.

アグス・スヘルマン・スルヤディムリア 先生来訪



今回の来日の目的は、国立国語研究所で開催された日本語のコーパスに関する共同研究を発表することでありました。本学では、「世界の日本語教育を学ぶ」という集まりでインドネシアにおける日本語教育の現状について報告されました。 現在、アグス先生はインドネシア日本語教育学会会長を勤められています。

Former CJS student
Kate Elizabeth Stevenson (CJS2011Fall-2012Spring)

After Nanzan:
My study exchange at Nanzan was the start of an irreplaceable fifteen month experience in Japan. I arrived in Nagoya last September, on the tail of a late summer typhoon. My host family, friends, travel and studies made it a very memorable nine months on exchange.

My Japan experience did not, however, end with my study program in the spring semester. I spent ten days with my family in Australia, and then went straight to Tokyo for a four month internship at the Australian Embassy. The internship opportunity was part of my Prime Minister’s Australia Asia Endeavour Award, and my application to the Embassy was enhanced by my study and activities at Nanzan. I worked for both the Education and Public Diplomacy sections, in English and Japanese. One of the most satisfying tasks was producing English summaries of information that was only available in Japanese, and knowing that my summaries were going to be put to use.

My work at the Embassy finished in September. I followed it with a second internship at the office of a member of congress. I chose to return to Nagoya to work at the constituency office. Living in Tokyo was good, but Nagoya feels more like home. The internship has also been a good one. I wanted to experience a Japanese work environment, and I got that: I do everything from reading maps to stamping paperwork and answering phones. Taking Japanese phone calls is a challenge, but I like being able to interact with real people. My last main activity will be as an office volunteer looking after 300 participants on the annual trip to Kyoto. Nerves aside, Japanese study at Nanzan has prepared me for this.

My Japan departure date is set for December. I am sad to be leaving, but I will make sure that I am back again soon.

Kate Elizabeth Stevenson (CJS2011Fall-2012Spring)








2012 Fall Semester CJS Party

On Wednesday 19 December, the CJS party was held to wind up the 2012 Fall Semester. On behalf of students who were about to return to their home countries, Emi Kanemoto and Jessica Cooper gave speeches in which they thanked their host families and their teachers. Time flew by as people enjoyed the party and everyone seemed reluctant to leave.

The photograph included is of the “air kanpai” in which there were more participants than expected so when we took a photograph of the toast, many people had not been able to get through the crowd to fill their glasses so many just made do with a gesture.

As the director of the Center for International Education, Dr. Yoshikazu Watanabe, said in his speech, we hope that everyone will move forward in their lives holding a light that not only shines on the path towards their destination, but also highlights their achievements in the past. The journey is far from being over yet.





Nanzan – TTI Field Trip

On sunny Sunday of November, some of our CJS students also took part in a bus trip to Magome organized by the Toyota Technological Institute, with whom Nanzan University maintains very friendly relations. This was held as one of the I-Plaza events organized for overseas students studying at the Toyota Technological Institute. The weather was very good and the participating students enjoyed making soba (buckwheat noodles) for the first time and viewing the colorful autumn leaves. It proved to be a precious opportunity to mix with international students studying at a university other than Nanzan.


南山大学と友好的な関係にある豊田工業大学主催の馬篭バス旅行に、本学CJSの学生も参加しました。この行事は豊田工業大学の留学生支援事業「I Plaza」の一環で開催されました。現地は天候にも恵まれ、留学生たちははじめてのそば打ちや紅葉狩りを体験しました。南山大学だけでなく他大学の留学生とも交流することができ、貴重な経験となりました。

Reunion meeting “NANZAN-KAI” in New York

On December 2nd, at Central Park near New York City, Nanzan Alumni meeting gathered with the President of Nanzan University, Fr. Michael Calmano, S.V.D., was held. Our organizer, Ms. Chieko Yamazaki Heineman, kindly sent us a photo and report. President Calmano told us…

“Yamazaki san drove four hours from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and I also managed to meet with a few members from Boston, Massachusetts. It was my great pleasure to see our former students while I was there. I felt so happy that five alumnae who had graduated from Nanzan Junior College joined our meeting. I hope more of our former Ryugakusei will join Nanzan-kai in the future.”





We have established the Nanzan University International Students Alumni Network facebook site. If you would like to have an article put up on the site, please contact Nanzan University International Students Alumni Network (intl-alumni@nanzan-u.ac.jp). We will also accept articles at the Center for International Education (cie-office@nanzan-u.ac.jp) or at the Center for Japanese Studies (cjs@ic.nanzan-u.ac.jp). We very much look forward to hearing from you.



Home Coming Day

The Center for Japanese Studies alumni “Home Coming Day” was held on Monday 4 November, the same day as the Nanzan University Festival. It was attended by people who have completed their undergraduate or postgraduate studies, those who studied at the CJS and are now working in Japan, and graduates and former students who are still studying or researching.

But it was not just former students – people who had been host-families in the past or those interested in meeting foreign students also dropped in. We look forward to meeting again next year.




Chicago Ryugakusei Nanzan-kai

An alumni Nanzankai gathering was held on Friday 12 October in Chicago to coincide with a visit by the deputy director of the Center for International Education, Nanako Machida, who was in the United States for a work trip to the mid-west. Four former CJS students participated in the gathering, which was slightly fewer than expected, but they spanned a diverse range of times at the CJS with their years at Nanzan spanning the four decades from 1980s to recent years.

On this trip, Machida-sensei said that she met three Nanzan alumni in Madison, Wisconsin and that it was a very worthwhile visit. All of the students who took part said that they hope that there will be more such opportunities to meet.




London Nanzan-kai

When an administrative staff member of the Center for International Education returned to Japan via London after a business trip to Ireland, he was able to meet Katie Bretherick (CJS 2010 Fall – 2011 Spring) and Benjamin Plant (CJS 2010 Fall – 2011 Spring) who had been exchange students at the CJS. When they heard that a staff member from Nanzan University would be visiting members of the London Nanzankai Miyuki Watanabe, Yoshiko Ota and Kaori Hanai took time from their busy schedules to come to say hello.

The network of connections expands as former international students and their Japanese peers come together, and so the possibility of at some stage in future holding a joint gathering in London increases. We look forward to hearing when such a gathering is to be held.


アイルランドへ業務出張した国際教育センター事務室のスタッフが、帰路乗り継ぎのために経由したロンドンで、南山大学外国人留学別科に交換留学していたブレザリックさん(CJS 2010 Fall-2011 Spring)とプラントさん(CJS 2010 Fall-2011 Spring)とお会いする機会がありました。南山大学のスタッフが訪問すると知って、ロンドン南山会のメンバー・渡辺美由樹さん、大田叔子さん、花井香織さんもお忙しい中を集まってくださいました。


Entrance Ceremony for Faculty of Policy Studies students commencing in the 2012 Fall Semester

On Saturday, 15 September 2012, with a number of invited guests in attendance, the entrance ceremony for Faculty of Policy Studies students commencing in the 2012 Fall Semester was held in Fratten Hall on the Nagoya Campus. With this, after completing eight days of orientation, the nine students from five countries and regions who had arrived in Japan at the start of September formally entered the Faculty of Policy Studies. At the tea party held after the entrance ceremony, they had an opportunity to talk with the President of Nanzan University and the Chairman of the Parents’ Association, lending further substance to their expectations towards their student life at Nanzan. We sincerely hope that the four years they will spend as students at Nanzan University will be of great significance in shaping their future.



Study Abroad Fairs

This year has seen several Study in Japan Fairs held overseas. Nanzan University was represented in Taiwan (already reported on), South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. In each of the venues graduates and former students helped as interpreters and organized Ryugakusei Nanzankai alumni gatherings. We are extremely grateful for the support offered by those who still want to be involved with Nanzan University after returning to their home countries. We look forward to seeing you all again next year.




On Sunday 9 September, Endo-san from the Center for International Education Office went to the venue in Seoul. There are already many young Koreans who are studying Japanese, so large numbers of high school students came along because they are interested in entering Nanzan University at undergraduate or postgraduate level. At the booth, Ms. Myoung-Eun Yang (CJS 2009 Fall Semester to 2010 Spring Semester) and Ms. Song-Yi Paek (CJS 2010 Fall Semester to 2011 Spring Semester) generously offered their services as interpreters. In the evening, a Seoul Ryugakusei Nanzankai gathering was held. It proved to be an extremely enjoyable event thanks to the very efficient organization of Mr. Kyeng-Dong Kang (graduated from the Faculty of Policy Studies in 2008). As always, we are very grateful for such assistance.




On Sunday 16 September, Mr. Kenji Kondo from the Nanzan University Admissions Department visited the Bangkok venue. Interpreting at the booth was looked after by Mr. Bordinrat Chankhao (CJS 2011 Fall Semester to 2012 Spring Semester) who also did all of the liaison with graduates who attended the previous night’s Bangkok Nanzankai and organized the venue for that gathering, and Ms. Narawan Boonyapisomparn (CJS 2011 Fall Semester to 2012 Spring Semester). By chance, the interpreter organized by JASSO for Nanzan University, Ms. Aunwadee Setakornnukul, graduated from the Faculty of Policy Studies in 2005. Kondo-san was very happy to be meeting Aun-san again after remembering her from his days working at the Nanzan Seto Campus.




The fair held on Sunday 30 September at the Jakarta venue was run by Wakabayashi-san from the Office of the President. That day coincided with the final day of the 4th Japan Festival in Jakarta, and so the area around the Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Center, which served as the venue for the festival, was crowded with people. Indonesia and Japan have strong economic links, so learning the Japanese language also brings tangible benefits to local people. The interpreters at the booth were Ms. Kinanti Fitra Asri (CJS 2009 Fall Semester to 2010 Spring Semester), Ms. Nurdianti Indah Pratiwi (CJS 2010 Fall Semester to 2011 Spring Semester) and Ms. Hanna Frisca Chesyta Zihni (CJS 2011 Fall Semester to 2012 Spring Semester). All three did a marvelous job dealing with the many people who visited the booth.




Nanzan was represented at the Study in Japan Fair held in Hanoi, Vietnam on Sunday 24 November. This is an explanatory session designed to provide information for students or working people who are thinking of studying at Japanese universities at undergraduate or postgraduate level. On this occasion, 34 sets of Vietnamese students or working people visited the booth, so it was busy from start to finish. We are very grateful to Mr. Nguyen Duc Khoa (CJS 1995-1996) and Ms. Dao Thu Phuong (CJS 2003-2004) for helping us with the interpreting.

The night before the fair was held, we held a Hanoi Nanzankai, which was attended by graduates of the Nanzan University Faculty of Policy Studies currently excelling in their chosen fields back in Vietnam, as well as former international students who studied Japanese at the CJS. Seeing graduates of Nanzan University link with and pass on advice to their juniors reinforced our desire to continue to help to provide an opportunity for this to happen.

Nanzan University Admissions Office
Eriko Tanaka





CJS 2012 Fall Semester Entrance Ceremony

On Thursday, 6 September in Building R of Fratten Hall at the Nagoya Campus, the CJS 2012 Fall Semester Opening Ceremony was held to welcome 122 regular students and one auditing student from 26 different countries and regions of the world.

President of Nanzan University Michael Calmano, S.V.D. gave an address in which he explained his views on the meaning of learning a foreign language, and the educational philosophy of Nanzan University. He said that each and every foreign student who enters Nanzan needs to decide how to make of the most of the experience.

We sincerely hope that studying overseas proves to be a precious experience for the foreign students who have chosen to come to Nanzan.





Graduation Ceremony for Faculty of Policy Studies students who commenced in the 2012 Fall Semester

On Tuesday 28 August 2012, the graduation ceremony was held for Faculty of Policy Studies students who commenced in the 2012 Fall Semester. With this, nine students who had come to Japan in September four years earlier brought an end to their time as students at Nanzan University and stepped off towards the next stage in their lives. At the party held after the graduation ceremony they expressed their gratitude to their teachers and enjoyed talking with their juniors about the highlights of their time studying in Japan. We sincerely hope that the experience studying at Nanzan University will serve as a platform for these young people to excel in their chosen fields in the global society.




Our 2nd Hanoi Nanzankai is to going to be held on Friday November 23rd. Please see the details below. We are delighted to welcome many of the alumni members. Please come and join us.

[ When ] 23 November (Friday) from 6:00pm
[ Where ] 18 Phan Boi Chau
Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
[ Venue ] Quan an Ngon, Hanoi
[ Phone ] +84(0)439428162

Those who would like to attend please contact us at intl-alumni@nanzan-u.ac.jp We are looking forward to see you all.

Also Nanzan University will be attending “Japan Education Fair 2012” which is to be held on Saturday November 24th at Melia Hanoi Hotel.


Please drop by at our booth and see current staff from Nanzan University. You may talk about your ryugaku experience to those who wish to go study abroad in Japan.



[ 日時 ] 18 Phan Boi Chau,
Hoan Kiem,Hanoi
[ 会場 ] 「クアン・アン・ゴン」(ハノイ店)
Quan an Ngon, Hanoi
[ 電話 ] +84 (0)439428162





Nanzan International Students Alumni Home Coming Day

Every year on the first Sundays of November, Nanzan University Alumni Association holds a "Home Coming Day". Since year 2009, Nanzan International Students Alumni Network has joined this event. Japanese language class teachers will be waiting at the lounge where photos from good old days will be displayed. We really hope that you will be able to attend!

[ Date ] Sunday, November 4, 2012
[ Time ] 10:00AM-3:30 PM
[ Place ]

Nanzan University Nagoya Campus
Alumni Association Center

[ Room ] Dinning Hall on the 2nd Floor

*Please make sure to register at the main gate.



[ 日付 ] 2012年11月4日(日曜日)
[ 時間 ] 10:00~15:30
[ 場所 ]

南山大学 名古屋キャンパス 第2食堂棟 / 同窓会館2階


Newsflash!: Get-together in Chicago, IL

To all Nanzan University CJS alumni

It’s been a while since I last communicated. I hope that you are all well.
I imagine that you are busy either with your university studies or at work. Here in Japan the seasons are changing with signs of autumn’s arrival is getting stronger.
Today I have some news for you. We are going to hold a reunion in Chicago for CJS alumni on Friday 12 October. How about coming along to enjoy a catch up with some old friends? I will be there from Nanzan University. I’m really looking forward to hearing how you have been doing.

When: From 6:00pm on Friday 12 October
Where: Hilton Chicago “Kitty O’Shea’s”

Please e-mail me (intl-alumni@nanzan-u.ac.jp) if you can attend.

See you there.

Nanako MACHIDA, Ph.D.
Deputy Director,
Center for International Education




場所:Hilton Chicago "KITTY O'SHEAS"(予定)


副センター長 町田奈々子

The 5th Taipei Ryugakusei Nanzankai & 2012 Japan Education Fair

On Saturday, July 21st, the Taipei Ryugakusei Nanzankai was held at Taiwanese cuisine “Chingye-Shinleyuan” as part of a double event "2012 Japan Education Fair at Taipei" on July 22nd. This Nanzankai was organized by former CJS students who finished courses during 2010 to 2012. Ten people including myself and the graduates who had studied at the Faculty of Policy Studies for four years took part.

We really enjoyed unstoppable conversation all night long. We also had good time of networking between former CJS students and former Seto students.

Very next day at the Japan Education Fair, four of the former CJS students came along to help at the booth as interpreters. They introduced Nanzan’s program to young Taiwanese people with expressing strong emotions.

For those who attended both Nanzankai and Ryugaku Fair, we really appreciate your support. Please keep your eyes on our website and catch the information for the next Taipei Nanzankai. Thank you very much.

Masaki URANO
Student Activities Section
Seto Campus
Nanzan University







CJS Summer Program 2012

The completion ceremony of the CJS Summer Program that ran for six weeks from June 11 was held today. This year was memorable on that it was the first year for this program to run. There were 20 students who were mostly from the United States, but there were also students from the seven other countries or regions of China, France, Zambia, Taiwan, Canada, Australia and Gremany. All the students were able to successfully complete the course.

In addition to intensive Japanese classes, there were classes in modern Japanese politics and economics, a class called Japanese Studies through which Japanese culture was taught, and a Japanese Arts class, in which the students were able to learn how to do flower arranging and to make wood-block prints. This Summer Program has added further appeal to the regular offerings of the CJS.

Fieldtrips such as a bus trip to Takayama, visits to watch kabuki, to see the Toyota Automobile Museum, or Nanzan University Seto Campus and Nagoya Castle all added to the program’s appeal. Local Japanese students came along on such trips and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Living in a dormitory environment also created opportunities to build friendships with Japanese students, and while it was a relatively short period, it will no doubt have provided the participants with a precious experience of Japan.

In my case too, taking part in an intensive English course at UCLA when I was 20 years old changed my life. Even short periods like this can have a huge influence on how a young person views their options in life from that point on. For me, that short experience at UCLA was instrumental in making me want to go back to the United States one more time to study at postgraduate level. We sincerely hope that everyone on this year’s Summer Program will want to continue studying the Japanese language and about Japan itself. We are sure that your efforts in that direction will pay off for you in future.

It has been decided that another Summer Program will be run next year. To all of our alumni out there, maybe the Nanzan University Summer Program offers a good opportunity for you to brush up on your Japanese. The staff at the CJS very much look forward to seeing you again.

Nanako MACHIDA, Ph.D.
Deputy Director,
Center for International Education


この6月11日から6週間開催されていたCJSサマープログラムが本日無事修了式を迎えました。今年は第1回目の記念すべき年となりましたが、アメリカからの学生を中心に、国籍は中国、フランス、ザンビア、台湾、カナダ、オーストラリア、ドイツと8カ国からの学生20名が参加、全員無事修了することができました。集中日本語に加え、日本の現代政治・経済、そして文学を通しての文化を学ぶJapanese Studiesというクラス、そして生け花と版画を学ぶJapanese Artsというクラスを履修することができる本プログラムは、通常のCJSのプログラムに新たな魅力を加えることになったと思います。




副センター長 町田奈々子

Ms. Daisy V. Montesa

After 22 years of outstanding service in the Nanzan University Center for International Education, Daisy Montesa finished at the end of June in order to return to her homeland of the Philippines where she will commence a second career. There are many fond memories of Daisy’s contribution at Nanzan and her departure will be lamented both inside and outside of the University and both within Japan and overseas. We sincerely hope that when a Nanzankai alumni gathering is held in the Philippines we can call upon her to serve as the organizer. Thank you very much for your wonderful work at Nanzan.



2011-2012 CJS Course Completion Ceremony

On Saturday, 19 May 2012, the 2011-2012 CJS Course Completion Ceremony was held in the Flatten Hall in Building R. Michael Calmano, S.V.D. , president of Nanzan University presented completion certificates to 79 students and participation certificates to another 27 students.

At the ceremony both Michael Calmano, S.V.D., president of Nanzan University, and Director of the Center for International Education Yoshikazu Watanabe greeted those attending, and on behalf of the students Ms. FU Jun-quin gave a heartfelt valedictory address.

At the party held following the ceremony, the students had the opportunity to thank members of their host families and the people who had looked after them in the dormitory for their support. There were speeches by homestay representative, Ms. Kate Elizabeth Stevenson and dormitory representative, Mr. Bordinrat Chankhao. Mr. Ted Ofner played guitar and Mr. Nguyen Ky Vu sung a song for everyone. Taking a lot of photographs, changing the addresses… everybody seemed wanting to stay and talk for as long as possible before parting ways.





The 4th Taipei Ryugakusei Nanzankai

On Saturday, March 10, we hosted a Taipei Nanzankai at “Chao Jiang Yan", Taiwan with 11 people attending. It was great to see some familiar faces and those meeting for the first time. The graduate of Nanzan who organized this Nanzankai was one of my best friends from my Nanzan years, so this alumni get-together was doubly enjoyable for me. Also, there were several graduates who had studied at the Faculty of Policy Studies for four years. Since I am affiliated with this Faculty, it was good to see them again and I was excited to learn that they regularly hold a mini-Nanzankai in Taipei among themselves. I hope more alumni all over the world are gathering like these Taipei alumni!

In October, Machida-sensei may visit Chicago for a conference, and if that happens, we can plan a Nanzankai there. That would be exciting, wouldn't it?

Charlie Watanabe
Director, Center for International Education





Tertiary institutions that established agreement with Nanzan in 2011

The two institutions that established agreements in the last year.
7/2011 Autonomous University of Madrid (Madrid, Spain)
2/2012 Heinrich-Heine University Dusseldorf (Dusseldorf, Germany)


2011年度に新たに協定を締結した大学は、2011/7 Autonomous University of Madrid (スペイン、マドリッド)、2012/2 Heinrich-Heine University Dusseldorf (ドイツ、デュッセルドルフ)の2校です。

Newsflash! 5th Taipei Ryugakusei Nanzankai

On 21 July, Saturday, a Nanzankai gathering for international alumni will be held in Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. We hope that a good number of former students will be able to attend.

[ Date ] Saturday, July 21, 2012
[ Time ] 6:30pm
[ Place ]

No.1, Section 1 Bade Road
Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.

[ Phone ] 02-3322-2009

Those who would like to attend please contact us on intl-alumni@nanzan-u.ac.jp. We look forward to seeing you all.



[ 日にち ] 2012年7月21日(土曜日)
[ 時間 ] 午後6:30より
[ 場所 ]

「青葉新樂園」 (華山創意園區 中七館)

[ 電話 ] 02-3322-2009