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Coming Soon – 2nd Shanghai Ryugakusei Nanzankai

Our 2nd Shanghai Ryugakusei Nanzankai is planning to be held on the date and at the venue indicated below. Nanzan University Vice President for International Affairs Prof. Noboru Kinoshita and Professor Emeritus Ms. Noriko Ban will be present to warmly welcome all of the alumni. We hope that good number of former students living in the vicinity of Shanghai will be able to attend.

[ Date ] Saturday, March 26, 2011
[ Time ] 6:00pm-
[ Place ] Yuanyuan Restaurant (Huai Hai Branch)
Floor 1-2, Building Westgate Mall K.Wah Centre, No 108, North Xiang
Yang Road, Shanghai
[ Phone ] 021-5108-3377

Those who would like to attend please contact us on intl-alumni@nanzan-u.ac.jp.
We are looking forward to see you all.



[ 日時 ] 2011年3月26日(土)18:00~
[ 場所 ] 圓苑酒家(上海・淮海)
上海市襄陽北路108号 嘉華中心会所1-2楼
[ 電話 ] 021-5108-3377


2011 Center for Japanese Studies Spring Semester Entrance Ceremony held

On Wednesday, 12 January at the Nagoya Campus, the CJS 2011 Spring Semester Opening Ceremony was held to welcome 40 students from seven different countries and regions of the world. If we count the students who are continuing on from the Fall Semester, the total number of CJS students is 132. We sincerely hope that you study hard, enjoy yourselves and make the most of each and every day in Japan.

The President’s address is here.PDF




CJS Greeting Card

The International Students Alumni Network has sent a greeting card to all those who attended the Nanzankai and the “Home Coming Day.” We look forward to seeing you all next time.



The 2nd Home Coming Day held

The Second “Home Coming Day” was held on 3 November, Japanese national holiday for Culture Day. This has become the date upon which these events are held, and 2010 was no exception. Some people in attendance have come back on a different program and are continuing their research into Japanese matters after finishing their studies at the CJS and returning to their own countries once, so there was a lot of lively discussion about their times as students at Nanzan.

But it was not just former students - Nanzan University graduates who have studied abroad at American universities, and graduates who have previously been interested in becoming a host family also dropped in. There were people who brought along old brochures, and others wanting to buy Nanzan International Students Alumni souvenir items, so it was a day in which people strengthened their bonds as members of the Nanzan University community.

We sincerely hope that next year’s “Home Coming Day” will see even more international alumni take part.





The 3rd Seoul Nanzankai

On Sunday, 12 September, the Seoul Nanzankai was held in the Shinchon district of Seoul, in the Republic of Korea. This Nanzankai was held as part of a double “2010 Japan Education Fair” event in Busan on 11 September and then the next day, 12 September, in Seoul, with seven people taking part, including Nanzan University staff from Japan.
It being held on a Sunday unfortunately meant that numbers were small, but even so, those who attended and caught up with friends after a gap of a year enjoyed each other’s company until late into the night.
Before everyone left for the night, all those who attended promised to come again next year. We sincerely hope that all those former students who were unable to attend this time are able to come to the next event.





Nanzan International Students Alumni Home Coming Day

Every year on November 3, Nanzan University Alumni Association holds a "Home Coming Day". Since last year, 2009, Nanzan International Students Alumni Network has joined this event. Japanese language class teachers will be waiting at the lounge where photos from good old days will be displayed. We really hope that you will be able to attend!

[ Date ] Wednesday, November 3, 2010
[ Time ] 10:00AM-3:30 PM
[ Place ] Nanzan University Nagoya Campus
Alumni Association Center
[ Room ] Dinning Hall on the 2nd Floor

*Please make sure to register at the main gate.



  • ・会場で日本語クラスの先生方が皆さんをお迎えします。是非会いに来てください。
  • 懐かしい写真も展示します。お楽しみに!
[ 日付 ] 2010年11月3日(水・文化の日)
[ 時間 ] 10:00~15:30
[ 場所 ] 南山大学 名古屋キャンパス 第2食堂棟 / 同窓会館2階




On 12 September (Sunday) this year, a Nanzankai gathering for international alumni will be held in Seoul, the Republic of Korea. We hope that a good number of former students will be able to attend.

[ When ] 12 September (Sunday) from 7.00pm
[ Where ] Sinchon, Seoul
(Line #2 of the Seoul Subway)
[ Venue ] 원할머니보쌈
[ Phone ] 02-338-5358

Those who would like to attend please contact us on intl-alumni@nanzan-u.ac.jp. We look forward to seeing you all.



[ 日時 ] 9月12日(日)午後7時から
[ 場所 ] ソウル市新村(地下鉄2号線)
[ 会場 ] ウォンハルモニ・ポッサム(新村店)
[ Phone ] 02-338-5358


2010 Center for Japanese Studies Fall Semester Entrance Ceremony

The 2010 CJS Fall Semester Entrance Ceremony was held at the Nagoya Campus on Thursday, September 2 to welcome in 148 students from some 25 countries and regions of the world. With great expectations, as well as a hint of trepidation on their faces, after the entrance ceremony the international students underwent orientation before starting their time as Nanzan students.



London Nanzankai held

On August 7th, a London Nanzankai gathering was held at a very pleasant restaurant overlooking the Thames River. On this occasion, because President of Nanzan University Michael Calmano,S.V.D. was to attend, the timing of the event was arranged to fit in with his schedule. The original plan was for Lucy North (CJS 1982, participant in the Summer Seminar for four British universities and graduate of Cambridge University) and other British former students who had attended the CJS to attend, but in the end they could not because the date ended up falling in their holidays, meaning that unfortunately only Japanese alumni came to this gathering. Nevertheless, the food was delicious, the conversation lively and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. Next time we hope that the former CJS students will also be able to attend.


8月7日に「ロンドン南山会」がテムズ川を見下ろす素敵なレストランで開催されました。今回は、ミカエル・カルマノ学長の出席のため、日時を学長のご都合に合わせることになりました。 Lucy Northさん(CJS1982、 英国4大学夏期研修参加者、ケンブリッジ大学卒)はじめ英国人のCJS修了生を中心に開催するという当初の予定でしたが、みなさんが夏休みの時期と重なって欠席となり、残念ながら日本人同窓生のみの参加となりました。けれども、食事も美味しく、会話も弾み、楽しい同窓会になったそうです。次回は、CJS修了生のみなさんも是非参加してください。

Study Abroad Fair

This year, Japan Education Fairs run by JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization) have been held all over the world. Nanzan University has also actively taken part in these fairs in order to provide useful information to prospective students from overseas. There may even be people among you have taken part in one of these in the past.

One aspect of the Nanzan booth at these fairs that has established itself as a tradition in a way, is they way in which former students from overseas always lend a hand. As an example of this, at the fairs held in Kaohsiung and Taipei in Taiwan on 12 and 13 July this year, Ms. I-Ting Tsai (CJS 2009 Fall-2010 Spring) and Ms. Pei-Ying Liou (CJS 2008 Fall-2009 Spring) helped at the respective venues as interpreters for the Nanzan staff. They both passed on their own experiences, their honest impressions and thoughts of Nanzan University and of Japan or Nagoya to the young Taiwanese people who visited the booths.

Before the end of this year, Nanzan University plans to take part in Study Abroad Fairs in the Republic of Korea, France, Vietnam and Thailand. If you have time, when there is a fair held in your country, please do drop in to the Nanzan booth to say hello. Of course, if you can assist by interpreting for us that would be a great help! Our staff all look forward to seeing you again soon.


今年も日本学生支援機構(JASSO = Japan Student Services Organization)主催による「日本留学フェア(=Japan Education Fair)」が世界各地で開催されています。南山大学も積極的に参加して留学生の皆さんへの広報活動に努めています。皆さんのなかにも過去に参加した経験のある人がいるかもしれませんね。

「留学フェア」での南山大学ブースはいつも元留学生の皆さんがお手伝いしてくださるのが近年の「伝統」のようになっています。去る7月12日(土)・13日(日)には台湾の高雄と台北で開催され、高雄会場では蔡依庭さん(Ms. TSAI, I-Ting = CJS2009Fall-2010Spring)さん、台北会場では劉佩穎さん(Ms. LIOU Pei-Ying = CJS2008Fall-2009Spring)が通訳として南山大学のスタッフを助けてくださいました。ご自分たちの経験や南山大学や日本、名古屋に対しての率直な印象や感想を台湾の若者たちに伝えてくれました。


Bill Haddad Sensei

Bill Haddad, Chair of the History Department of California State University, Fullerton visited Nanzan University on June 17, 2010. He told us about himself. Let’s hear him.

I came to Nanzan in 1977 from Illinois State University with my wife Barbara and a group of 17 students.  Barbara taught Nursing at Aichi Prefectural University.  Among the student names that I can remember in the group are:  Renee George, Lori Olson, Krist Seckinger, Amy Wilson, Robert Packheiser, and Robert Sonderman.

I taught Japanese history for the CJS and had a beautiful office on the second floor where the CJS is currently located.

One of my favorite memories is saying good-bye to the ISU students as their Japanese parents came to pick them up the morning after we had arrived.  Everyone looked happy and a little scared. I wondered if I would ever see them again. The home stays were all successful and some of the students still maintain contact with their Japanese parents.

The semester I spent at Nanzan was among the happiest six months of my life.  Father Hirschmeir was president and had a fabulous Christmas party. The next President, Father Robert Reimer, taught in the CJS and remained a good friend for years.  Among my other Japanese colleagues with whom I remain close were Ban Noriko-sensei, Iwano Ichiro-sensei, and Akashi Yoji-sensei. Akashi-sensei and I would often go out the back exit toward Nagoya University to have a beer on Friday.

After I moved from Illinois State University to California State University, Fullerton, as a vice president, one of the first things I did was to arrange an exchange between CSUF and Nanzan.

One other item of interest:  Renee George was my cousin. And her nephew, Philip Greenspan, also studied at Nanzan. So including myself, three generations of my family are alumni of Nanzan.


Bill Haddad先生

6月17日、とても懐かしい先生の訪問がありました。1977年にイリノイ州立大学のプログラムで来日されたBill Haddad先生です。当時の想い出やご自身のことを語ってくださいました。

私と私の妻バーバラは1977年にイリノイ州立大学の17名の学生と一緒に南山大学のプログラムに参加しました。妻のバーバラは愛知県立大学で看護学を教えていました。一緒に来日した学生はRenee GeorgeさんやLori Olsonさん、Krist Seckingerさん、Amy Wilsonさん、Robert Packheiserさん、Robert Sondermanさんたちでした。





最初に南山にやってきたときに同行した学生Renee Georgeさんは、実は私の従姉妹でした。彼女の甥Philip Greenspanさんも後に南山大学で学びました。私自身を含めると、私の家系からは南山の同窓生が三世代続いているということになるのです。

Completion Ceremony for 2009-2010 Center for Japanese Studies

Saturday, 22 May 2010, the Nanzan University Center for Japanese Studies held a course completion ceremony for its 2009-2010 intake of students. President of Nanzan University Michael Calmano,S.V.D. presented 70 people with completion certificates and a further 45, including auditing students, with participation certificates.

At the ceremony, President of Nanzan University Michael Calmano,S.V.D. gave a speech in which congratulated those receiving certificates, and in response, heartfelt statements of gratitude were given by Mr. MORGEN, Max Tyler on behalf of the students.




Bangkok Nanzankai

A Bangkok Nanzankai alumni gathering was held from 2:00pm on 31 January 2010 in a banquet room at the Novotel Buvarnabhumi Airport Hotel. On this occasion, because we were fortunate enough to have Nanzan University President Michael Calmano,S.V.D. in attendance, it was held not only as a gathering for our international alumni, but as a Bangkok Nanzankai to include five of our Japanese alumni living in the Thai capital.

Those who went through the CJS in the first half of the 1980s also brought their children along. In addition, the participation of the younger graduates of the Faculty of Policy Studies has helped to reinvigorate the Bangkok alumni group. We had worried that the fact that the distance from the city center to the venue, the airport hotel where Nanzan University President Michael Calmano,S.V.D. was to stay, would deter many from attending, but as many as 30 people participated.

We recognize that the support of people who are already well-established in society is essential in order to hold this type of well-organized Nanzan alumni gathering overseas. On this occasion, we were indeed fortunate to be assisted by Mr. Thaweesak Karuchit (Saha Thai Steel Pipe Public Co., Ltd.) who spent two years at the CJS from 1981. Mr. Thaweesak very kindly used his company secretary to communicate with the administrative office of the Nanzan International Students Alumni Network, to compile the list of people to attend and to contact them, to arrange the venue, and to run the reception on the day. We are deeply grateful for effort and the financial assistance offered to help make the gathering the success that it was. 

Noriko Ban


2010年1月31日(日)午後2時よりバンコクのNovotel Buvarnabhumi Airport Hotel のホールで「バンコク南山会」が開催された。今回は、カルマノ学長の臨席を頂いたので、「バンコク留学生同窓会」ではなく、バンコク在の日本人同窓生5名を含めた「バンコク同窓会」という形であった。


このようなしっかりとした形で海外での南山大学の同窓会を開催するには、やはり、既に社会でそれなりの位置にある人の支援が欠かせない。今回は、1981年から2年間CJS別科に在籍したThaweesak Karuchit 氏(Saha Thai Steel Pipe Public Co.,Ltd.)の協力を得ることができたのは、真に幸いであった。本学の留学生同窓会事務局との連絡、出席者リスト作成と連絡、会場の設置、当日の受付などThaweesak 氏は自分の会社の秘書を使って行ってくれた。ここにこれらの労力と金銭的な援助に対して、深く感謝の意を表しておきたい。

(伴紀子 記)

Report from the Manila Nanzankai

The first Manila Nanzankai for alumni of Nanzan University was held on 27 January at the Heritage Hotel in Manila, the Philippines.

The occasion was timed to coincide with the attendance of Nanzan University President Michael Calmano,S.V.D. at the 2010 Meeting of Presidents of SVD-Administered Universities, which was also held in the Philippines. Despite the lack of time in which to prepare for the gathering, Apollo Quirante, who is known as “Chou” (graduated from the Faculty of Policy Studies in 2008), did such a marvelous job with the arrangements that as many as 11 alumni attended. They were:

  • Erika Sydney Ang  (CJS 2005-2006)

  • Sheila Huang  (CJS 2001-2002)

  • Dennis Mabalot (CJS 1999-2000) with his wife Kim, Hyun Mee (CJS 2000-2001) and their children, plus his sister Cindy Ayumi Gomez (graduate of the Faculty of Policy Studies) and her husband Geno Gomez (graduate of the Faculty of Policy Studies)

  • Mary Rose Contreras   (CJS 1999-2000)

  • Karen Ferrer Cadiz   (CJS 1989-1991)

  • Raymond Sanvictores  (graduated from of the Faculty of Policy Studies in 2007)

  • Apollo “Chou” J. Quirante (graduated from of the Faculty of Policy Studies in 2008)

  • Kurt Villamil  (graduated from of the Faculty of Policy Studies in 2009)

The gathering started at 6:00pm, but was still going strong well after 10:00pm as those in attendance shared their reminiscences of their time at the Nagoya and Seto Campuses of Nanzan University. As they received some commemorative items from Nanzan University President Michael Calmano,S.V.D., it was a night that made us all think how we hope that everyone will continue to cherish the fact that they are still members of the Nanzan family.


1月27日にフィリピン・マニラのThe Heritage Hotelで初めてのマニラ留学生南山会が開催されました。
今回はミカエル・カルマノ学長がフィリピンでの神言会設立大学学長会議に出張された機会を利用しての留学生南山会開催となりました。あまり準備期間がなかったのですが、Chou 君ことQuiranteさん(総合政策学部2008年卒)がとても上手に取りまとめてくれたので、11名もの卒業生が集まりました。集まってくれたのは以下の方々です。

  • Erika Sydney Angさん  (CJS2005-2006)
  • Sheila Huangさん (CJS2001-2002)
  • Dennis Mabalot さん(CJS1999-2000)
    奥様の Kim, Hyun Meeさん (CJS 2000-2001)とお子さんたち
    妹さんの Cindy Ayumi Gomezさん (総合政策学部卒)と
    旦那さんの Geno Gomezさん (総合政策学部卒)
  • Mary Rose Contrerasさん  (CJS1999-2000)
  • Karen Ferrer Cadizさん   (CJS1989-1991)
  • Raymond Sanvictoresさん  (総合政策学部2007年卒)
  • Apollo J. Quiranteさん (総合政策学部2008年卒)
  • Kurt Villamilさん   (総合政策学部2009年卒)


Tertiary institutions that established agreement with Nanzan in 2009

The two institutions that established agreements in the last year.
30/6/2009 Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (Lima, Peru)
29/3/2010 University of Hawaii at Hilo (Hawaii, USA)


2009年度に新たに協定を締結した大学は、 2009/6/30 Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (ペルー、リマ)、2010/3/29 University of Hawaii at Hilo (アメリカ、ヒロ)の2校です。


The NANZAN GET TOGETHER LONDON for former Nanzan students who have returned to the United Kingdom will be held on the date and at the venue indicated below.
Nanzan University President Michael Calmano,S.V.D. and Professor Emeritus Ms. Noriko Ban will be present to warmly welcome all of the alumni.
It is hoped that all alumni living in the vicinity of London will be able to attend.
Please contact Nanzan International Students Alumni Network intl-alumni@nanzan-u.ac.jp or London Nanzan-kai jetnanzan@yahoo.co.jp. RSVP by July 23, 2010.

[ Date ] Saturday, August 7
[ Time ] 6:30PM
[ Place ] Skylon Grill Restaurant
Skylon Royal Festival Hall,South Bank, Belvedere Road, London SE1 8XX
[ Phone ] 020-7654-7800
[ Nearest tube station ] Waterloo or Embankment
[ Fee ] £30~40




[ 日付 ] 8月7日(土曜日)
[ 時間 ] 午後6時半より
[ 場所 ] ロンドン「スカイロン・レストラン」(ロイヤル・フェスティバル・ホール内)
Skylon Grill Restaurant
Skylon Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, Belvedere Road, London SE1 8XX
[ Phone ] 020-7654-7800
[ 最寄り駅 ] Waterloo または Embankment
[ 会費 ] 約30~40ポンド


This year, a NANZAN Get Together will be held on the date and at the venue indicated below. It will be the first reunion of former Nanzan students who have returned to the United States. Food and refreshments will be provided. We really hope that all Alumni living in the vicinity of Kansas City will be able to attend!

[ Date ] Wednesday, June 2, 2010
[ Time ] 7:00-9:00 PM
[ Place ] Kansas City Marriott Downtown
200 West 12th Street
Kansas City, MO 64105
[ Room ] Harvest

Furthermore, this gathering will be held in a shared area with the Nanzan University reception on this year’s annual general meeting of the NAFSA Association of International Educators.


米国ミズーリ州カンサスシティ市で開かれるNAFSA年次総会の場を利用して、南山大学「Get Together(留学生南山会)」が開催されます。南山大学の協定校の関係者の方々が大勢参加されるレセプションではありますが、CJSや学部・研究科を修了してアメリカに戻っている元留学生の皆さん、在米の卒業生の皆さんも、是非この機会にお集まりください。詳細は下記の通りです。食べ物・お飲み物をご用意してお待ちしています。お会いできるのを楽しみにしています!

[ 日付 ] 2010年6月2日(水)
[ 時間 ] 午後7:00~9:00
[ 場所 ] カンサスシティ・マリオット・ダウンタウン
200 West 12th Street
Kansas City, MO 64105
[ 会場 ] Harvest