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2010 Center for Japanese Studies Spring Semester Entrance Ceremony

At the Center for Japanese Studies Spring Semester Entrance Ceremony held on 12 January 2010, a total of 46 new students from seven countries and regions were welcomed into the CJS. If we add the 79 students continuing their studies from the 2009 Fall Semester, there are a total of 125 students for the 2010 Spring Semester.

The new students commenced their lessons on 15 January after taking Japanese language placement tests and having three days of orientation covering aspects of academic and student life. We hope that the students have a broad range of experiences, not only through their classes, but also at events such as "Coffee Hours" and field trips.

Here is an extract from the speech given by President CalmanoPDF




Dear Filipino Alumni and Thai Alumni

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope that this finds you well as we count down the remaining days of 2009.
This April, Nanzan University set up the Nanzan  International Students Alumni Network. Overseas “Nanzankai” alumni groups have been established in Bangkok, Beijing, Shanghai, Xining, Taipei, Bali and Seoul. Next year, we are planning to set up a Nanzankai in Manila and Jakarta.

The President of Nanzan University, Professor Michael Calmano Phd, will attend a conference in Manila and Bangkok in the second half of January 2010, and says that he would like to make time to meet our Filipino Alumni and Thai alumni.
In this respect, if you are interested in, could you please contact Nanzan International Students Alumni Network by e-mail, at < intl-alumni@nanzan-u.ac.jp >. We will then send you details of the Manila Rygakusei Nanzankai or Bangkok Ryugakusei Nanzankai in January 2010.

We really hope that a good number of our Filipino Alumni or Thai alumni can get together in the Manila Rygakusei Nanzankai and the Bangkok Ryugakusei Nanzankai.

Yours truly,
Noriko Ban
Professor Emeritus, Nanzan University
Nanzan International Students Alumni Network




2010年1月の後半には、南山大学学長、Dr. Professor Micheal Calmano先生が会議出席のため、フィリピンとタイへ出張され、その折に時間を見つけて、マニラとバンコクの同窓生のみなさんにお会いしたいと言っておられます。


Greeting card from CJS

We sent out our card to the alumni members who attended "RYUGAKUSEI NANZANKAI" and "International Students Alumni Network Home Coming Day". We are looking forward to see you again.



2nd Seoul Nanzankai held

News has come in that the 2nd Seoul Nanzankai was held on 14 November. They decided to meet in mid-November because everyone is very busy towards the end of the year. This time, some of the people who were unable to attend the first gathering came along, enjoying each other’s company so much that after a delicious meal of Korean grilled meats, they then went on to a coffee shop to continue chatting into the evening. No doubt the discussion continued for hours.
To all the members of the Seoul Nanzankai - we hope that you continue to add momentum to the group by getting together and enjoying each other’s company on an even more frequent basis. We look forward to seeing you here at Nanzan at next autumn’s Home Coming Day.




International Students Alumni Home Coming Day held

The 1st Home Coming Day was held on Culture Day, 3 November. Every year on Culture Day, the Nanzan University Alumni Association holds a Home Coming Day, so from this year, to fit in with this, the International Students Alumni Home Coming Day was also held. At the venue, a desk was set up for the International Students Alumni Network, so when former students make their presence felt by signing in, the teachers who used to teach them Japanese in years gone by will come to greet them, soon leading to lively conversations about mutual memories. There are also chance meetings to be had with former international students who studied during the same era. Of course there are outdoor food stalls and other attractions, and when you have finished signing in, you receive 500 yen worth of tickets and a chance in a draw, so if you are lucky, you might even win a fantastic prize.

This time, the president of Nanzan University, Michael Calmano, visited the International Students Alumni Network desk. Ten foreign students from the Seto Campus also participated. A former student now working as an English teacher at a high school in Nagano Prefecture brought some wine cake baked by his students. Also, one of the members of the Taipei Nanzankai could not take part because of work commitments so his Japanese wife brought some Taiwanese souvenirs in his place. Next year, no doubt even more former international students will visit the University on Home Coming Day.

We look forward to being able to enjoy seeing you again next autumn for a day in which we can all reminisce about the times we shared at Nanzan University.





Dr. Lucy North

At the beginning of September, I was really surprised to receive an email out of the blue from Lucy North. The reason for my surprise was that Lucy despite not being an exchange student from one of the universities with which we have an agreement, she had remembered her time participating in a summer course at Nanzan back in 1982. This particular course was arranged for students specializing in Japanese research at four British universities (Oxford, Cambridge, London (SOAS) and Sheffield), and had started from the summer of 1975, the year after the CJS was established. Lucy was a student at Cambridge when she came on the summer course, but after graduating she went to Harvard University, where she completed a Phd in Japanese literature, then returned to Japan, where she lived for the next 13 years. She is now based in London, working as a translator and editor.

It would seem that for Lucy North, her experience on the 1982 summer course was a truly unforgettable one. Lucy kindly sent us several photographs from her time with us as a student. The summer course for the four British universities was also a very worthwhile initiative for the Nanzan University CJS.

Dr. Lucy North さんについて

9月初旬に突然Lucy Northさんからメールが入り、本当に驚きました。なぜなら、North さんは協定校からの交換生でなく、1982年のサマー・コースの参加者だったのに、南山を覚えていてくれたからです。このサマー・コースは英国の4大学(Oxford, Cambridge, London(SOAS). Sheffield)の日本研究専攻の学生のために開設された夏期研修で、CJSが始まった翌年の1975 年の夏から開始されていました。

当時、North さんはCambridge の学生でしたが、卒業後、Harvard 大学で日本文学の博士号を取得してから再び来日し、13年間日本に滞在したそうです。現在は、ロンドンで翻訳や編集の仕事に従事しています。

Lucy North さんにとって、1982年のサマー・コースは忘れられない思い出だったようです。いろいろな写真を送ってくれました。英国4大学の夏期研修は、南山のCJSにとってもやってよかったという企画実施でありました。

The 1st Seoul Nanzankai

On 13 September 2009, the 1st Seoul Nanzankai was held in Seoul, Republic of Korea. This gathering was the first in which foreign graduates of Nanzan faculties, students who had completed CJS courses and Japanese graduates had come together overseas in an all-encompassing gathering of Nanzan alumni.

Two or three participants at a Study Abroad in Japan Fair held in Seoul that same day came along afterwards, despite having already had a full day of activities, but they certainly seemed to enjoy recounting their days as students at Nanzan University over a delicious meal of Korean barbequed meats. As they flicked through the pages of the CJS brochures I took with me, seeing photographs of their classmates from their student days, the former CJS students among the group said how they would love to go back to Nanzan again. Clearly, periods studying overseas do not need to be that long to leave deep and lasting impressions on students.

Three of the participants advanced to postgraduate level at Ewha Womans University in Seoul, where they are now continuing their studies. Going on to do postgraduate studies is probably a good idea in terms of finding a job in one’s own country. The organizer of this gathering, Mr. Kang Kyeng Dong, reminded us that many of the graduates of the Faculty of Policy Studies have found jobs in Japan or further overseas, so they are unable to attend such alumni gatherings back in Korea.

In addition to wanting to thank Mr. Kang for all the good work he did contacting people and organizing the venue, I would like to reiterate our support for those alumni in Korea who have decided that they will get together once a year regardless of the small number of people available to attend.




今回の参加者のうち3名が梨花女子大学の大学院に進学し、勉強を続けているとのこと。大学院進学は母国でのキャリアを積むためにもよい方策なのであろう。今回の幹事役のカン キョン ドンさん(Mr. Kang Kyeng Dong) から、総合政策学部卒業生の多くが日本か外国で就職しているので、母国での同窓会には参加できないのだという報告があった。


The 2nd Taipei Nanzankai

On 18 July 2009, the 2nd Taipei Nanzankai was held in Taipei, Taiwan. This time, it was just prior to the Study in Japan Fair held in Taipei, so the former CJS students helping at the Fair were not able to attend, but the same people who attended last year were joined by new participants, Mr. Hsu Yu Win (in the final stages of his Phd studies in 2009) and Ms. Chin Wei-Fang (who graduated from the Faculty of Policy Studies in 2004).

For this Nanzankai, Mr. Kou Yu-Hsin acted as the organizer in getting the word out to the participants. I was catching up with them after a gap of one year, but I got the impression that everyone was well and that the bonds of friendship within the group had become even stronger.

Also, in order to let everyone know what Nanzan University is like these days, I showed a collection of digital photographs on a laptop and called for alumni to take part in the “Home Coming Day” planned for this autumn.

Mr. Hong Jenwei has organized the venue to be the Chinese restaurant in the Brothers Hotel, where generous amounts of delicious food are always served.


2009年7月18日に台北で第2回『台北南山会』が開かれました。今回は台北で開催される日本留学フェアの前でもあり、同フェアを手伝う元CJS生は参加できませんでしたが、去年と同じメンバーに、新しく徐毓瑩さん(2009大学院博士課程後期、Dr. Hsu Yu Yin)と陳緯芳さん(2004総合政策学部卒Ms. Chin Wei-Fang)が参加していました。今回は郭一信さんが幹事役としてみんなを集めてくれました。1年ぶりの再会でしたが、みんな元気で、一段と親しさが増したような雰囲気となりました。



Nanzan International Students Alumni Home Coming Day

Every year on November 3, Nanzan University Alumni holds a "Homecoming Day". Starting this year, 2009, Nanzan International Students Alumni will join this event. Japanese language class teachers will be waiting at the Lounge where photos from good old days and fondly-remembered textbooks will be displayed. We really hope that all Alumni will be able to attend!

[ Dsate ] Tuesday, November 3, 2009
[ Time ] 10:00AM-3:30 PM
[ Place ] Nanzan University Nagoya Campus
Alumni Association Center
[ Room ] Dinning Hall on the 2nd Floor

*Please make sure to register at the main gate.



  • 会場で日本語クラスの先生方が皆さんをお迎えします。是非会いに来てください。
  • 懐かしい日本語のテキストや写真も展示します。お楽しみに!
[ 日時 ] 2009年11月3日(火・文化の日) 10:00~15:30
[ 場所 ] 南山大学 名古屋キャンパス 第2食堂棟/同窓会館2階



2009 Center for Japanese Studies Fall Semester Entrance Ceremony

At the Center for Japanese Studies Fall Semester Entrance Ceremony held on 3 September 2009, a total of 137 new students from twenty countries and regions were welcomed into the CJS. President of Nanzan University, Michael Calmano,S.V.D., spoke at the ceremony.

Here is an extract from the speech given in English:PDF




Center for Japanese Studies 2008 Spring Semester Course Completion Ceremony

On Saturday, 23 May 2009, the Nanzan University Center for Japanese Studies (CJS) 2008-2009 Course Completion Ceremony was held in which President of Nanzan University, Michael Calmano,S.V.D., presented course completion certificates to 85 people and participation certificates to a further 37 people. At the Course Completion Ceremony, after the university president’s speech of congratulations, on behalf of the students, Choi Chun Yip gave a valedictory address in which he expressed his heartfelt thanks to the University.

2008-2009 外国人留学生別科修了式


“Comings and Goings” of International Students

A total of 49 international students entered Nanzan University in spring 2009. The breakdown of undergraduate students was:

China (17), Republic of Korea (3), Sweden (2), Myanmar (1), Mexico (1), Thailand (4) and Taiwan (3), for a total of 31. The remaining 18 are post-graduate students.

留学生の"Going & Coming"


Beijing Nanzankai

The first Beijing “Nanzankai” for this year was held from 6.00pm on Sunday, March 22, in the Foreign Experts Hotel in Beijing inside the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs Building. The following people attended:

  • Wang Jing (Ms) (Graduated the Department of Policy Studies in 2004 and Graduate Program in Policy Studies in 2006)
  • Wang Ning (Ms) (Graduated the Department of Policy Studies in 2004 and Graduate Program in Policy Studies in 2006)
  • Li Lu Lu (Ms) (CJS 2001)
  • Wang He (Ms) (CJS 1999 and graduated the Graduate Program in International Area Studies in 2006)
  • Zhang, Linzi (Ms) (CJS 1999 and graduated the Department of Economics in 2003)
  • Wang Gang (Mr)  (Graduated the Department of Policy Studies in 2007)
  • Guo Xiao Li (Ms) (Graduated the Department of Policy Studies in 2007)
  • Chen Xing (Ms) (CJS 2000, graduated the Department of Psychology and Human Relations in 2004)
  • Zhang Han (Ms)   (CJS 2000, graduated the Graduate Program in International Area Studies in 2006)

After finishing at the CJS, many of them went on to study in the faculties or at postgraduate level, ending up spending several years at Nanzan University. As result, they have very fond memories of their time at the University, many saying that they would gladly come back to visit if there were an appropriate “Homecoming Day” organized for them. However, because exit visas are still required in China, they need a letter of invitation in order to travel outside the country. An “invitation” is not possible, so in the meantime we will continue to hold Beijing “Nanzankai” for University alumni and look forward to hearing of their ongoing achievements. In addition, with the setting up of the Nanzan International Students Alumni Network this April, I told them that from now, we would like them to access information from the University through the Internet.

I am very grateful to Department Chief Li Hui Lei of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs for his kindness in making my accommodation bookings and coming to meet me when I went to Beijing on this trip.

Noriko Ban



  • 王静(総合政策学科2004卒、総合政策専攻2006卒)
  • 王寧(総合政策学科2004卒、総合政策専攻2006卒)
  • 李路路(CJS2001修了)
  • 王鶴(CJS1999修了、国際地域文化専攻2006卒)
  • 張林子(CJS1999修了、経営学科2003卒)
  • 王鋼(総合政策学科2007卒)
  • 郭暁麗 (総合政策学科2007卒)
  • 陳星(CJS2000修了、心理人間学科2004卒)
  • 張晗(CJS2000修了、国際地域文化専攻2006卒)



伴 記

Tertiary institutions that established agreements with Nanzan in 2008

The four institutions that established agreements in the last year:

29/5/2008  East China Normal University(Shanghai, China)
17/6/2008  Hochschule Bremen University of Applied Sciences(Bremen, Germany)
3/12/2008  Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (San Angel, Mexico)
10/3/2009 Nanjing Normal University(Nanjing, China)



5/29, 2008  East China Normal University (華東師範大学、中国、 上海)
6/17, 2008 Hochschule Bremen University of Applied Sciences (ドイツ、ベレーメン)
12/3, 2008 Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (メキシコ、サンアンヘル)
3/10.2009 Nanjing Normal University (南京師範大学、中国、南京)


Notice / Urgent

Nanzan University's response to the new strain of influenza A (H1N1) was disclosed and published in the university website on May 1.

As on May 11, it was decided to officially cancel Nanzan's participation in NAFSA 2009 which starts on May 24.

In line with this cancellation, the Nanzan International Students Alumni "Get Together" coinciding with the Nanzan Reception at NAFSA was subsequently cancelled as well.

We are planning to have the "Get Together" at NAFSA 2010 in Kansas City. We hope to see you next year.

Thank you.


This year, a NANZAN Get Together will be held on the date and at the venue indicated below. It will be the first reunion of former Nanzan students who have returned to the United States. Food and refreshments will be provided. We really hope that all Alumni living in the vicinity of Los Angeles will be able to attend!

[ Dsate ] Wednesday, May 27, 2009
[ Time ] 7:00-9:00 PM
[ Place ] Sheraton Los Angeles Hotel
711 South Hope Street
Los Angeles, CA 90017,
[ Room ] Santa Monica

Furthermore, this Nanzan University-sponsored gathering will be held in a shared area with the reception of this year’s annual general meeting of the NAFSA Association of International Educators.