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E-Newsletter for International Students

Dear Nanzan Alumni,

I hope this message finds all the Nanzan alumni and their loved ones in good health and having happy thoughts. As many of you may know already, we now have our own facebook page so that you are connected with us and with each other despite the distance and time differences. I am not always fond of technological advances in interpersonal communication, but for an international alumni group like ours, technology is a blessing and a solution. Just in case you have not “liked” our facebook, here is the URL for you <http://www.facebook.com/NanzanUniversityIntlAlumni>. If you want to read about what is going on with Nanzan University overall, here is the University facebook <http://www.facebook.com/NanzanUniversity>. You get to read a lot of Japanese on this page!

As you can see on our facebook, our international education is developing, though slowly but steadily. Last April, Nanzan University started the International Courses (about 45 courses per year) that are non-language courses, i.e., “content courses” taught entirely in English. These courses are mainly for Japanese students, but some qualified Japanese students are able to register for CJS’s Japanese Area Studies courses as “International Courses” so that Japanese and CJS students can sit side-by-side and learn about Japan together. Further, we have also started a preliminary run of the Buddy System for CJS using facebook with the help of a voluntary student group called NaSA (Nanzan Study Abroad) that consists primarily of Japanese students with overseas experience. Lastly, Nanzan joined the United Nation’s “Academic Impact.” For details, visit <http://www.academicimpact.jp/university/>. Considering Nanzan’s motto of “Hominis Dignitati” or “For Human Dignity,” I am sure you agree that this was a very natural course of action for us.

As for new students for the spring semester, CJS welcomed 50 students from 13 countries and regions in January, and the Seto Campus’ Policy Studies Department will welcome in April, 9 students who will be studying there for four years until they get their diploma. I hope these new foreign students will have valuable and rewarding experiences at Nanzan, and we will do our best to make that a reality.

Here is news about some upcoming alumni gatherings for this year. We are planning to have a get-together in the Los Angeles area in March and another one in Jakarta sometime in the fall. We will be sharing details as our plans get more concrete. We also ask you to encourage your “kohai” and friends to consider our summer program over the months of June and July this year. Last year, we did our first summer program and, though it was not a big group, those participated seemed very satisfied with its quality. Here is more information about the summer program.

Please keep us posted on how you are doing. If you have great news to share on our facebook, let us know!

Yoshikazu Charlie Watanabe
Center for International Education


上のfacebookからもお分りになるように、南山大学の国際教育は、地道に前進しています。例えば、昨年の4月から「国際科目群」というプログラムが始まり、1年間で約45の科目が英語で提供されています。これらは語学科目ではなく、一般教養や専門科目ですが、すべて英語で授業が行われます。十分な語学力がある日本人学生を対象にしており、外国人留学生別科の「日本事情科目」も国際科目として日本人学生も登録できるようになりました。留学生と日本人学生が同じ教室で日本について勉強できる機会が増えたわけです。また、交換留学など海外生活の経験がある日本人学生が中心となりNaSA (Nanzan Study Abroad)というボランティア・グループを作り、南山大学の国際教育の促進を図っています。その取組のひとつが留学生別科の学生のためのBuddy Systemで、今年からトライアルの形で始めています。最後に、南山は国連の「アカデミック・インパクト」に加盟しました<http://www.academicimpact.jp/university/>。南山大学のモットーが「人間の尊厳のために」であることを考えれば、この加盟も当然であり、喜ばしい展開だと思います。