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E-Newsletter for International Students

Dear Nanzan Alumni,

My name is Masahiro Hoshino. I take up the role of Director, Center for International Education from this April. It is a great pleasure to be able to take this opportunity to introduce myself to all of the alumni of Nanzan University who have gone on to perform so well in their chosen fields around the world.

I joined the staff at Nanzan in April 2009, so I imagine that there are many alumni whom I have not actually met. I look forward to stimulating exchange activities involving the various Nanzan-kai around the world, and in the process, hope to further internationalize our University.

My specialist field is modern East Asian studies, and my main research topic is modern Chinese politics and issues involving ethnic minorities. From my time as a student, I have always loved travelling overseas, and I discovered my burning interest in these two areas of research thanks to a trip I made as a third year student along what is known as the Silk Road trade route through the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in northwest China.

The Uyghur people whom I found living in this region are followers of Islam, with their facial features, clothing and food culture all very much Middle Eastern in style. It was a very different cultural experience to the eastern Asian culture of China or Japan, and thinking that this existed within Japan’s neighbor China, made me want to research the ethnic policies used by a socialist country like China to organize itself as a multi-racial state.

This may seem like a really difficult topic, but what I can say from my own personal experience as a student is that the international exchange that we have during our student years is hugely significant in terms of determining the direction of our lives.

Alumni of Nanzan University who share this experience of international exchange are extremely important people for our university. In my role in the Center for International Education, I am very keen to deepen my exchange with our alumni and to attempt to realize the Nanzan University catchphrase of “turning the power of the individual into the power of the world - empowering the individual to become a power in and for the world.” I need to your cooperation in order to achieve this goal. I sincerely hope that you will lend your support so that Nanzan University can develop further.

Anything is fine, please do send us messages by Facebook or e-mail about your memories of your time studying with us, or updates on what you have been doing recently. We look forward to hearing from you.

Masahiro Hoshino
Center for International Education