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Dear Nanzan Alumni,

Time flies. The older you get, the more frequently you say this phrase, it seems. It has already been 15 months since I assumed the position of Director at the Center for International Education. In these 15 months, a lot has happened. As I mentioned in my last message, CJS’s summer program was launched and this year’s session has already come to an end. Being its first year, this year’s summer program did not have as many students as we had expected, but 20 very motivated and talented individuals signed up, for which we are extremely grateful. I would encourage you to contact those who are keen on making significant progress in their Japanese during next year’s summer break, or Japanese teachers who can share this information with their students. Word of mouth through Japanese teachers seems to be the most effective way. As you know, the quality of our program is top-notch! All they have to bring with them is the determination and curiosity to learn Japanese and its culture.

On a separate note, we are trying to come up with a way to get our alumni more “connected” on a regular basis. One of the options we are discussing is facebook. I am sure many of you are on facebook already, and many international alumni groups around the world are strengthening their alumni ties using various IT resources. If you have suggestions as to how we can bring more alumni power to Nanzan, please email us your ideas! Also, there might be a quick alumni opportunity in September. Matsui-san in the CIE Office and I will be attending an EAIE conference in Dublin, Ireland, from September 11 to 14 (http://www.eaie.org/home/conference/dublin.html). If you live around there or happen to pass through the area, please let us know! We can have a small alumni get-together.

Last but not least, we have important news to share. Daisy Montesa, our long-time exchange coordinator for CJS, just retired at the end of June. She served for CJS first on admissions and then as exchange coordinator for a total of 22 years! Her dedication and contribution to the international education at Nanzan will be long remembered. I believe the seeds of international exchange she planted in our hearts will grow, its flowers blossom, and then new seeds be replanted. All the staff at the Center for International Education would like to show our deepest appreciation for her many years of dedication and service.

I hope you and your loved ones are doing well. Please keep us posted on how you are doing so that we can keep weaving together our alumni ties the world over.

Yoshikazu Charlie Watanabe
Center for International Education



今年の9月に簡単な同窓会を開く機会があるかも知れません。国際教育センターの松井さんと私が、9月11日から14日まで、アイルランドのダブリンで行われるEAIEの会議に出席します。もしその近辺に住んでいる、またはたまたまその時期にダブリンにいるという方があれば、ぜひ連絡をください。ちょっとしたalumni momentを楽しみましょう。

最後に1つ大切なお知らせがあります。留学生別科のexchange coordinatorであるDaisy Montesaさんが6月末をもって引退されました。Daisyは留学生別科の入学担当から始まりexchange coordinatorとして働き、22年間という長きに亘り南山大学の国際教育に貢献してこられました。彼女が私たちの心の中に植えた国際教育の種は、これから成長し、花を咲かせ、そしてその種は引き続きどんどん広がって行くでしょう。国際教育センターのスタッフを代表して、その貢献に感謝の意を表したいと思います。